May 14 2019

How the right system can help your van sales and wholesale delivery business

If you operate a Van Sales or Direct Store Delivery business, you know how complex it is to keep your business running smoothly and how important it is that every staff member works with a consistent approach to your business.

To manage van sales or wholesale deliveries you need a system that can handle the complexities of day to day operations - both in your depots and offices and for the mobile team that make the actual deliveries and sales with your customers.

A delivery operation is not just about drivers loading the van and dropping deliveries. A delivery van acts as a mobile warehouse and for a van sales rep it is their wholesale store and needs to be treated like a micro-business unit. Like any other business unit manager, your drivers need to perform a number of operations like stock and inventory checks, loading orders, selling, payment collections and other general business activities.

Many businesses attempt to manage with systems designed manufacturers and general wholesalers and find that the mobile bias of their operations create the need for much more manual input and duplication of effort. Whilst these system will keep timely and accurate record of purchases, payroll and management accounts; they are not designed for a Van Sales / DSD business and lack a number of features that are essential for handling such a business.

What is required is a system that is designed to allow transactions to be both created and processed on mobile devices away from the traditional centralised accounting systems

These systems are often referred to as Route Accounting systems and are designed for both mobile and office users.: Route Accounting systems are designed specifically to manage all aspects of a mobile van sales and DSD business from planning routes, loading and inventory control and mobile invoicing, sales orders and proof of delivery.

Every transaction is only entered once and with the capability for live updates you now have full visibility and are able to control exactly the business process of both mobile and office staff.

Route Planning and Accounting:

An ideal solution like RouteMagic delivers all of these requirements and includes a comprehensive route optimisation planning system to build your routes using customer location, requested delivery slots and considerations like traffic, time sensitivity and other factors. This will help your managers prioritise delivery and van sales schedule to improve efficiency, reduce wasted mileage, improve customer service levels and increase the number of deliveries and sales made each day.

The mobile workers become more efficient as their routes are sorted, no paperwork requires completing and returned and features like live monitoring by the office team, geofencing to alert customers of eta’s, GPS timestamping provides unquibbable records of sales and deliveries. No longer will you lose track of your mobile staff and their activities during the time you pay them to work.

Customer Information at your Fingertips:

For any mobile worker engaged in van-sales or field sales, RouteMagic gives them detailed insight into customer information like contracts, previous sales history, special pricing, visit, phone calls and delivery history and inventory information on their smart-phone or tablet device.

Your delivery drivers and field sales team can make quick decisions based on data available to them in real time - delivery details, invoices, returns, overdues, credit limits, special pricing (for van sales).

Offline Capabilities

RouteMagic does not need a data connection to work and offers full offline capabilities. The drivers download fresh data at the start of their day and can perform all the operations that are approved for them in the workflow - making deliveries, creating epods, collecting payments, taking returns and cancelled orders, updating stock, making field/van sales. Once an internet connection is established (wifi or 4G), all such transactions will get synced with the backend office ERP. If a user does have data connectivity thel data flow is available in real time and the mobile team is connected to the office at all times, transaction updates happen at real time and instantly.

It's vital to select a system that isn’t dependent on data connections you don’t stop, your business does not stop when connection is lost and you still service your customers.

Easy to Use - Creating Workflows and Completing Tasks on the Field:

Both your Office app and the mobile app for field usage should be intuitive and user-friendly. If creating workflows becomes a difficult tasks for your managers, it will impact your business and make process streamlining difficult.

Similarly, if your field team is not able to easily navigate through the mobile app to complete their assigned tasks, it will decrease their productivity and frustrate them as well. A well designed, user friendly solution is one of the most important considerations while choosing a Route Accounting System.

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