August 20 2020

How Legacy Systems Restrict Growth

Legacy systems create a roadblock for growing field sales and distribution companies, restricting ability to deliver value to customers and stunting potential growth.

For successful and ambitious organisations with mobile workforces, outdated software should be a thing of the past, yet many companies continue to be inhibited by the constraints of legacy systems and antiquated technology.
The task of introducing new mobile sales and delivery management system may seem like a daunting project, and there are numerous reasons why business owners and directors may be reluctant to upgrade their legacy systems – cost, company interruption, employee disruption, employee resistance and of course, company change. However, change is inevitable, especially when it is driven by the demands of the modern economy.
Businesses operating “bespoke” delivery management systems are likely to have developed their software specifically for their business requirements, but in today’s face-paced world where technology and customer demand advances so quickly, it’s likely that those requirements have changed. In attempt to keep up with these changes, functionality is ‘bolted on’ to the original system and manual, time-consuming processes (and spreadsheets) are re-introduced.
Whilst this ‘make-do-and-mend’ approach may be keeping the system alive, in the end, you have created a monster. As a result, many companies rely on one or two system experts to maintain and understand the complexity of the integrations and adaptations, creating a high cost and high risk situation.
Recent research conducted by, reported that 44% of senior IT managers identified legacy infrastructure as the biggest challenge in digital transformation today.
John Leonard, Computing's research editor commented: "Of the top three concerns, legacy infrastructure presents the most immediate barrier. The inflexible nature, need for ongoing management and resource, and the host of customisations and integrations required to make disparate systems ‘talk' is a big block in the road.
"Many mission critical applications remain married to purpose-built bespoke infrastructure that is difficult to bring up to date.
"There may be cost savings by biting the bullet and finally shelving aging infrastructure," he added.
Businesses of all sizes must deliver a high-quality, seamless customer experience or risk being left behind to stronger competition. If your business is relying on a legacy delivery management system, how confident are you that you’ll be able to move with the times and deliver excellence to your customers?
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