March 05 2021

Preparing for the new normal - The return of Hospitality

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An end to Lockdown restrictions is in sight. The slow return of the hospitality sector, the restarting of delivery operations and the reopening of old customers are promising events for distributors.
To make sure this momentum keeps up once customers begin to reopen, businesses need to have 2 key focuses:
- Preventing restrictions being put back in place
- Effectively managing rising demand
- To achieve both of these aims, it’s important to prepare as fully as possible to balance increasing demand with the safety of customers and workers.
If both of these goals can be met then Industries will be able to avoid further restrictions.

How to prepare for a return to normal

Lockdown has lasted over a year, and so new ways of working have become normal for most of us. This means a few things for when the hospitality sector re-opens:
- Old delivery schedules will need to be reintroduced
- You need to be as productive as possible from day 1
- New ways of working that are efficient will have to be incorporated into a full plan to include old operations/customers
We are offering trials of our complete Delivery Management System to help you take control of this transition, so you can effectively manage increased demand from the first day of eased restrictions.
Some features to ease this transition and help you prepare include:
- Advanced Route Planning
- Van Sales Scheduling and Customer Management
- Driver tracking and Live Route Data
- Automatic Route Optimisation
Along with a range of different features that can be fine-tuned to your operational needs, RouteMagic will help you prepare your business. Automate processes to improve your efficiency and take control over your operation.
By reviewing and addressing these aspects of your business NOW you will make sure you will be able to take advantage as your business begins to return to normal levels.
The earlier you can prepare, the easier this transition will be and the faster you will grow when hospitality returns.
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