February 11 2019

The benefits of paperless workflow in Van Sales and Wholesale Delivery business

All Wholesale Delivery and Van Sales businesses owners know the sheer volume of paperwork their business generates and the immense effort required to reconcile every transaction, generate invoices, track collections and update ledgers.

With customer expectations growing, profit margins slimming, and competition there is a need to make your business ever more efficient; making a digital system to take care of operations a must. Our comprehensive route accounting system RouteMagic allows you to achieve this, and much, much more..

An investment in a modern electronic proof of delivery and van sales system will enable your business to grow and become more efficient. Going paperless, improving accuracy, keeping all information preserved and reconciled at the back office are some of the great benefits of investing in a route accounting system. Here are 8 reasons why you need an electronic system for your delivery and van sales business:

Now is the time to stop just coping with your business. Now is the time to improve and make it grow.

- Save through Technology

Taking proof of deliveries on paper, keeping invoices manually and scheduling collections and deliveries on paper are all time consuming, inefficient and very frustrating.

Delivery Management Systems help van drivers maintain a constant workflow, with less stress and margins for error.

Having a digital system eliminates repetitions - capture an electronic signature with the option of adding a photograph and the signed proof of delivery automatically updates across all your systems immediately so any user can see details of every delivery and with no need to manually confirm deliveries or input invoices being required, you will be saving huge amounts of time and money.

RouteMagic tracks everything your van sales and delivery teams do once they leave your premises. This improves their accountability putting you in control of your business at all times and empowers you to improves every step of your business.

- Instant invoicing

Accurate and timely Invoicing are the cornerstones of every business. Van Sales Businesses can find invoicing a burdensome and expensive activity which can be easily automated by adoption of a route accounting system.

RouteMagic ensures invoicing isn’t a burden and ensures that all invoices are always correctly priced and calculated and automatically integrates with accounting systems to ensure accurate flow of information and speed up your bookkeeping and cash collections.

- Improve your operations & Increase Sales

Surveys have shown that adopting a good RAS can instantly improve your operation’s efficiency by 30% and reduce costs by upto 50%. A van sales business actually reported that since they adopted RouteMagic, their sales rep make a of 2 extra customer calls per van per day. These numbers are huge and they indicate that your business has a lot of potential to improve and grow.

Good route accounting systems like RouteMagic make the Van sales process so much more efficient and gives you a chance to do something that a traditional paper based system never can - continuous business processes and workflow improvement leading to increased sales.

- Office Efficiency

Using a route accounting software eliminates the need for repeated data entries, saving office resources inputting manually it automatically reduces errors and significantly increases accuracy.

Daily tasks like producing paper delivery manifests, confirming deliveries for invoicing and re-keying van sales invoices become a distant memory. Every POD and Invoice is filed and easily accessed by any system user - no more filing waiting to be done and stored in the filing cabinet! Instantly being abke to find the queried invoice or proof of delivery becomes a reality and it’s so simple to email a copy out resolving credit control issues speedily.

Existing customers have grown the number of sales and delivery routes without increasing office staff - ensuring increased sales does mean increased profits and not additional overheads.

- Data sharing - easier, better, faster

RouteMagic is designed to be used standalone or as part of an integrated business solution, it allows data to be shared with other systems like - Accounting software, Transport Management Software and Warehouse Management Systems - to make your business as productive and efficient as possible.

RouteMagic gives you a real-time view of your sales and delivery operations, making sure you stay in control of your business at all times. The RouteMagic customer portal shares data with your clients - tracking of shipments, ETA and giving access to POD’s and invoices - this helps build better customer relations allowing to provide a better service whilst reducing your cost to serve.

- Access your system - anytime, anywhere

Information only helps your business make better decisions if your staff can access that information when they need it.

A Cloud based system is web based and does not require specialised and often expensive servers to be setup and can be securely accessed from anywhere.

Your field team has access to data regarding their deliveries and sales and they can make decisions on the go. As soon as they make a delivery or complete a sale, you will have a real-time update on your system.

- Save trees, go green - Save Money!

Perhaps this is not a priority while making a switch but it helps the environment immensely. Less paper means more trees.

The paper output of a traditional company is mind boggling and in itself such a setup is inefficient. Duplicate copies, erroneous reports means a lot of paper wastage. By going digital and taking up paperless workflows and operations management, we help eliminate such wastage.

With all facts that have been presented here, it is very clear that going paperless has no downsides. Going digital is a natural step in evolution of doing businesses. Resisting this change will eventually mean phasing out and not being competitive enough to survive the business world which is going to get more complex.

But this change is very positive and should be perceived as such. Eliminating paper and going digital means that everything else falls into place. It means constant improvement in your business workflow. It means chances of further development and growth.

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