July 15 2020

'SPECIFICS' - Our Handheld Delivery Application

Our handheld delivery app for van drivers is cloud-based, offering businesses the ability to stay connected at all times - Monitor all progress, receive immediate updates and more.

Using our delivery app, van drivers can:

- Choose to 'bulk pack' orders to speed up the loading process of orders.
- Make van-to-van transfers for on-the-go decisions to improve up-selling and avoid insufficient stocks.
- Update stock levels and inventories in real-time, and have this data accessible by the entire Business right away.
- Take E-PODs, end-of-site surveys, vehicle inspections and complete invoices simply on their devices, and have all this information sent straight back to the offices for processing.
- Temporarily 'skip' customers if they are unavailable, to maintain a consistent workflow.
- Easily take returns with no paperwork
For more, take a look at a typical day for Van Drivers using our mobile delivery app.
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