October 20 2020

Need for mobile workforce management and route accounting in the CPG Industry business.

Having a dairy business is both challenging and rewarding. With competition more fierce than ever and profit margins slimming, it is vital that every stage of dairy business operations be organised, optimised and if possible, standardised.

With products that have short shelf lives, their delivery and distribution systems need to be seamless, efficient and highly accurate. This phase of such a business requires managing a field/mobile workforce - managing drivers, vehicles, planning routes, recording deliveries and collections and troubleshooting a myriad of problems that crop up while managing all these tasks.

A robust solution like RouteMagic achieves this by creating an operational hub for dairy businesses, connecting office and mobile workers in real-time to ensure efficient execution of front and back office operations. Automating day-to-day field activities with real-time flow of information between mobile workers and office staff allowing businesses to gain real competitive edge, whilst keeping ‘costs to serve’ to a minimum.

Features include -

- Weekly invoices format with daily analysis.

- Management of cash customers.

- Instant POD updates with adjustments to orders and deliveries entered at point of delivery.

- Standing order management.

- Sale or return management.

- Full route planning and auto route optimization.

- Real -time communication - between driver and back office, driver and customers.

- Integration with third party softwares like SAGE.

And much more. Achieve manifold benefits like reduced costs, increased sales volume, better customer service, more efficiency, instant invoicing and sales order management and reporting capabilities.

A good route accounting and mobile workforce management software like RouteMagic is scalable, easy to deploy, end to end (order to invoicing and more) and very customisable.

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