July 13 2020

‘IN THE LOOP’ : MOLE - The evolution of Underground Logistics Systems

Mole Solutions, based out of the UK, are innovators of underground freight transportation - Their work involves the development of underground infrastructure to transport goods from source to destination.
On their site, they have stated that their vision is to allow “ALL supply chains to BENEFIT from low Operating costs and high Safety, Security, Availability, Inventory control and Environment integrity.”
This approach to freight transportation aims to provide a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional methods of transport.
With increasing congestion and fuel emissions, their ambition is to use existing infrastructure to establish underground, electronically powered methods to transport goods across the country.

Why the need to rethink freight transportation?

Traffic congestion is predicted to cost the UK around £20 billion each year, and on top of that, the emissions from vehicles are major contributors to Global Warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
Of these costs, around £10 billion are contributed from HGV’S or Heavy Goods Vehicles alone.
Technology has been used in almost every Industry to allow Businesses to work more sustainably, cut down practices that contribute to pollution, and help processes run more smoothly, and so Mole’s ambitions are simply to continue this transition.
Ideally, Mole’s System will use sustainable electricity sources to power underground networks.

How will the Solution work?

The Underground freight network will run on the same infrastructure built over decades of transportation, but follow pipelines underneath the surface. Light-weight capsules will carry goods from all major ports and locations that currently exist, delivering these goods through electrically-powered Systems. These goods will be delivered to the same locations used by trucks, including retailers, ports and regional distribution centres.


The underground network will mean greater efficiency for the road network, relieving fuel costs and maintenance costs, while being out of sight and not contributing to congestion.
If you want to find out more you can go to their website here: https://www.molesolutions.co.uk
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