August 05 2019

Increase your Profitability

The changing landscape of the Van sales and Direct Store Delivery market following the demise of P&H and KerryFresh presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to grow, but growth needs to be profitable.

To be able to prosper in the market you need to understand how efficiently your business is operating, with RouteMagic, we can show you the hidden costs and in-efficiencies that can result in a direct impact on your bottom line. To know your business, you need access to the right tools that enable you to have visibility of your data - in plain English, without this how can you measure your performance?

Understanding your costs

To know how profitable different routes to market could be you have to know your business, you need to be aware of the costs to service each route, customer, delivery and sales visit.

RouteMagic monitors and controls every customer interaction from the minute your delivery drivers or sales reps leave their depot.

We plan and optimise each route, record and monitor the time and distance to service each account, the sales value and margin for each customer so we can help you make informed decisions about the true profitability of your sales and delivery activity. Do you know which routes and customers are costing you most?

Understanding your Business

When your fleet departs in the morning are you confident that each vehicle is scheduled to follow the best route and that unnecessary miles and driving hours have not added to the journey plan. Do your drivers just follow rigid routes regardless of workload? Are van sales reps completing hand-written dockets that need to be entered into sales systems back in the office or are POD’s scanned and deliveries manually confirmed. Does your office team have the knowledge to answer customers’ enquiries about deliveries – do they know which orders have been delivered or who signed for a delivery without the expensive call to the driver? RouteMagic users have these fundamental controls to their business, managing and controlling their mobile workers with the same visibility as if they were office staff.

With RouteMagic we can provide you with the information you need when you need it to understand the full cost of service in your business and the tools that you need to change. RouteMagic allows you to view through interactive dashboards, live reports and KPI’s exactly how your business is performing. The powerful RouteMagic mobile applications manage the way you sales and delivery teams work, forcing consistent business processes and reducing re-keying of data and errors.

Taking Advantage

Reducing the cost to service your customers has never been more important, or easier to achieve with RouteMagic. Our system allows you to monitor and control costs for the delivery process and optimise each sales call. Whether you offer a Direct Store Delivery or Van Sales service RouteMagic handheld system will increase the effectiveness of your business by:

- Enforcing business rules on POD to ensure customers pay

- Eliminating driver form-filling and paper copies

- Automating office processes, document scanning and filing

- Monitoring in real-time driver and van sales reps activity

- These elements alone can significantly add to the profitability and the operational control you have over your business.

Making the Next Step

RouteMagic can add to your bottom line. I have outlined the basic elements and areas where our customers have all benefited. To understand how we could help, we need just a few minutes of your time to demonstrate the full capability of the solution we have available, this could be the best investment you make for your business. Schedule a demo, now!!