August 17 2020

‘IN THE LOOP’ - Using technology to make deliveries safer

The UK has largely returned to normal, or a ‘new normal’ at least. Shops are open, usual routines are resuming and wholesalers and van sales businesses have found new ways to provide their services, whether that be a transition to DSD deliveries or protective delivery methods.
Even though supply chains are returning to a somewhat normal routine, there is still a strong need to comply with government regulations to keep both workers and customers safe to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19.
This article explores the ways technologies, and digital delivery systems specifically, can help keep workers and customers safe while providing various other benefits at the same time.
A large portion of wholesalers and distributors have recognised the importance of tech advancements in the past few months. Recently, the need for distributors to rely on technologies to keep business running has proved how valuable these advancements are.
A lot of wholesalers and distributors have taken this time to reflect on their systems and the processes that could be improved. We have noticed a switch towards newer technologies and delivery systems that make work less complicated and less prone to error. Along with this, we have seen a lot of businesses adopting new systems that help to keep customers and workers safe so things can to return to normal quickly.

Electronic Proof-of-Deliveries

Electronic Proof-of-Delivery Systems have been shown a lot more attention recently - They provide full accountability and proof that a delivery has been made, but remove the traditional need for paperwork and face-to-face interactions.
These systems let drivers make contactless deliveries, so business continues as usual but precautionary measures are taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
These Delivery Systems are also a lot more precise in terms of planning and scheduling. They can work out routes and delivery schedules without the need for manual planning, taking into account traffic, delivery windows and specific customer requirements. This means they are far more competent than older systems, keeping the flow of goods up while ensuring safety and accuracy.
Specific ETA’s also let customers prepare correctly for a delivery, and delivery messages and alerts mean contactless deliveries can be achieved without the added risk of missing/stolen packages.
Digital Delivery Systems let distributors work more efficiently, with more accurate delivery times but without any added confusion when planning or additional work for your teams. If you’d like to find out more, schedule a demo to see how our delivery system could work for you, or to discuss your options, you can email us at ( or give us a call on: 07492 622 271
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