January 12 2021

Running a successful Food Service Operation

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Regardless of the size of your operation, your route to market, your product lines and Industry, all food service delivery businesses must focus on 3 different points in order to maximise potential through productivity, efficiency and smooth daily and long-term operations.
With all and any delivery service, employing a competent delivery management system which caters for unique needs and personal preferences - whether that be an advanced planning system, an electronic proof of delivery app, real-time field visibility or specific rules to ensure each of your team members can work as efficiently as possible and customers have their individual needs met.
This article will explore the 3 key pillars a competent delivery management system offers, helping successful wholesale and van sales delivery businesses keep their short and long-term goals in focus at all times.

Saving Time

There is always room for improvement - From the Back-Office, our System helps your team create, manage and process orders simply and easily. By just glancing at the screen, your team can know the status of each order, ensuring no orders are missed and customers left dissatisfied.
Our Route Planning System features a drag-and-drop function so your teams can plan quicker and reduce the chance for error because all the delivery information, including specific SLA’s are clear on a single screen. You can plan for up to a week in advance, and once a route is ready you can lock them so no further changes can be made.
From there, your team can oversee the progress of each route in real-time using our Route Monitor - This means they can improve responsiveness to any disruptions, and your whole team can be kept informed on delivery updates as they happen.
Our mobile app provides van drivers with a simple and easy-to-follow structure for their day’s key tasks - Carrying out vehicle inspection, loading and unloading the vehicle, servicing customers and logging cash deposits are all available on the easy-to-use app, and all delivery reports are automatically generated, so your drivers can save time having to keep track of paper records. The app simply allows drivers to focus on their key aims for the day, meaning they can invest more effort providing outstanding service to your customers.

Saving Money

On the surface, this is a no brainer. A lot of businesses know how they work best, but they don’t have access to insights which show why they work and which areas they can improve.
Our Delivery System provides insights into the profitability and productivity of each driver, each route and each customer. This data is given to you in an easy-to-digest format, and helps you to take proactive measures to remove inefficiency processes and work towards a more streamlined and efficient business.
By relying on a digital system to create and organise delivery reports and financial records (including invoices), you can massively reduce manual error and unforeseen issues which lead to lost profits.

Helping you to work to your strengths and preferences

Our aim with RouteMagic is to allow our customers to work to their strengths - Each business is different, and our System caters to the unique needs of each of our customers, allowing them to continue working to their suited workflow with over 50 customisable settings from company, employee and customer levels. During the setup, you choose which rules to apply to each employee and each customer, then let the system ensure these rules are stuck to.
For example, you may want to permit long-term members of staff to add new customers while they are on their route, or you may have certain customers on a routine call schedule who need their deliveries by a certain time each day - You don’t have to manually enforce these preferences, and instead you simply outline them when setting up RouteMagic, and our System ensures that each team member can and can’t take action where necessary, and each customer gets the service they desire.
If you would like to see how RouteMagic can be fine-tuned to suit your particular needs, you can contact us to discuss your business, your needs, and your options. Equally, you can request a demo and one of our product experts can walk you through the system to show you how it could save you time, money help you work to your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

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