January 18 2021

In the loop - How can Delivery Management Systems help smaller delivery businesses grow quicker?

Smaller Delivery Businesses, whether your operation is Van Sales, routine orders or a mixture of both, often don’t have the time and resources to look internally at how you can refine and improve efficiency and productivity. It is usually more convenient to continue as usual, but few know that improving productivity can be simple and long-term goals for growth can be reached by just implementing the right changes.
As Digital Delivery Management Systems have become more commonly used, they are no cheaper and more affordable, meaning smaller businesses can manage tight profits margins and also look to install a new system that will help manage their employees, customers, plan and oversee deliveries and manage pricing and products.
This article will take a closer look at the features of RouteMagic which target the needs of smaller delivery operations, saving time and money.

Business Rules

RouteMagic lets you choose the ways you want to work. It has been designed to wrap around your preferences, enabling you to have more control over the business simply.

Company & Employee Rules

Enforce rules and workflows for each of your team members to follow - You can setup different rules for each employee group, so you can safely know what each employee can and can’t do. For example, you may not want seasonal or temporary employees to handle cash, skip customers, add new customers or give discounts to customers.
With RouteMagic, you define your rules and the van driver’s mobile device will ensure they are stuck to. This is the same for your office teams, and more operational rules, such as invoices requiring review from your admin teams before they are ready to be sent off to customers.

Customer Management

These rules can also be set up for each of your customers, so each can be treated with personalised service which does not require additional planning from your team. You can manage daily van sales visits to the same customer while the system organises and compiles invoices and payments to suit their/your preferences.

Route Monitoring

Our Software offers a live feed of each route, so deliveries can be monitored in real-time and any issues along the way can be tracked and responded to as quickly as possible. This lets you keep your customers and office teams in the loop with your driver’s location.

Our Mobile Van Driver Delivery App

The mobile app creates and organises all of your driver’s actions throughout the day - Vehicle Inspections can be enforced, loading/unloading stock on and off the vans, servicing customers, site visit reports, Proof of deliveries and invoices are all logged by the system on a digital file and sent back to the office in real-time. This means you don;t have to rely on paper reports which can be easily lost and errors can go undetected. Your drivers can focus on their key tasks knowing all of their reports have already been passed back to your teams for review and processing. In short, this means you can speed up workflow and get paid quicker.

What do all these features mean for your business?

Save time, save money and enforce the ways you want to work throughout the business using a system that applies your preferences, meaning you can manage and oversee daily activities from a distance. This gives you more control and lets you focus efforts on future growth.

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