March 08 2021

How to manage demand with an advanced Route Planning System

Being able to effectively manage increasing demand for customers lets you maintain personal service for each while still fulfilling orders without delays, error or disruptions. Employing a system that automatically takes care of different operational needs lets your drivers focus on their key tasks and prevents your office staff from having to firefight problems that could have been easily avoided.
In the long-run, automating route planning saves huge amounts of time and keeps the business more organised, so the benefits can be felt by both your teams and your customers.
RouteMagic can provide this operational gap, with a range of features to assist your teams with route planning - from ease of planning dy-to-day to setting up automations that take care of routine orders, manage prices and so on.

The Route Planner

Digital Systems eases route planning compared to manual planning using paper. Further than this, the right routing system will simplify the entire process, be easy to learn and use, along with providing you with all the information you need on a single-screen. This single-screen planning means you can overview all of the routes and schedules for the day at a glance, and easily identify any issues that need addressing.

Route Planning system for food service wholesalers / distributors

With a drag-and-drop feature, your teams allocate orders scheduled for the day onto the desired route, and once the route is ready, you can lock it so no further changes can be made. RouteMagic offers the ability to optimise routes, so once you’ve allocated orders, the system works out the quickest route, calculating the estimated route time as well to give you an accurate idea of how long it will take.
This option can save you planning manually and risk the possibility of manual error which results in missed/delayed deliveries.

Van Sales Schedules

For routine orders, you can set up standing orders and scheduled visits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once set up, the system will automatically roll these deliveries over so your team doesn't need to repetitively create these orders each week. Again, this removes the chance of manual error and lets your team reinvest their efforts elsewhere.
You can manage the personal needs of multiple customers through these automations, letting the system take care of lengthy planning so you know orders will be fulfilled according to specific ETA’s.

van sales schedule - automate standing orders

Customer Pricing

With tight profit margins, it is critical to understand and manage different pricing structures for each customer on a regular basis. Taking full control of your products and prices for each customer lets you manage your finances with more foresight so you can plan using more accurate information.
You can set default product prices, minimum and maximum prices that your drivers can sell these products at, and customer-specific price lists for certain products. Again, the system is simple, so pricing adjustments can be managed easily and you can be sure that these prices will be enforced by the live updates from the office system to each driver’s handheld app.

price management - customer specific pricing

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You can also apply seasonal/promotional discounts using the same pricing management features, so you take full control over your stocks throughout the year.

The Van Driver App

The drivers app passes all of the necessary information for each delivery onto the driver. The route is provided using Google Maps integrations, each delivery is numbered and scheduled, and all the customer contact details and delivery instructions are highlighted to the driver.
These features ensure deliveries are fulfilled on time, every time, and customer demands and delivery instructions are met.
With over 50 configurable settings on company, employee and customer levels, you can take complete control of your operation and have your business running the way you know works best. RouteMagic simply enforces your rules and helps you to run smoothly every day.
If you’d like to take a closer look at the system, its planning capabilities and the range of other delivery management features, you can schedule a demo with us so we can walk through how the system could work specifically for you.

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