August 31 2020

How do Order Management Systems help Foodservice Distributors?

Traditional methods of order management can put a lot of strain on your teams. Usually, paper-based planning of orders, along with the use of incompetent digital systems can result in a lot of man-hours going into recording and scheduling orders to meet customer requirements.
Often, these manual efforts will result in errors which can cause delays or missed orders, which lead to dissatisfied customers and long-term damage to a distributor's reputation.
Handing over the management of orders which organise and record the process from creation to completion is a must for forward-thinking wholesale and distribution businesses.
Removing the manual organisation from your team saves huge amounts of time and helps them stay on top of each order while simplifying the entire process.

The features of a digital ordering system

Order creation

Many systems offer your customers a client portal, which allows them to easily make, amend, review and oversee orders. This keeps them in the loop, allowing them to schedule specific eta's and receive updates on the progress.
This saves your team time having to manually update customers while providing customers with a more convenient, and timely service.

Picking, packing & loading

There's no way around automating the processes of picking, packing and loading orders if you're a small to medium-sized distributor, however, digital systems can help your team stay on top of each order and which phase they are at.
Your team can use options such as 'bulk picking' to record the picking of multiple orders at once. Equally, simple user interfaces help teams see when each order has been picked, packed and loaded, so a glance at the screen can let them know the progress.

Handheld devices

If your team have access to the system through an app on their mobile devices, they can record each stage and know that it will be recorded in real-time on the office system, improving efficiency and prevent any information to be forgotten, duplicated or wrongly recorded, minimising and delays and disruptions.
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