September 10 2020

How do delivery apps help drivers take payments easier?

Traditionally, taking cash, cheque or card payments can create some issues with records, keeping track of cash deposits or keeping finances organised.
Less competent delivery systems can leave your team with more work to do because they are tricky to work and invoicing and payments are disorganised.
On the other hand, having a system in place that takes away the hassle of taking and recording payments from your drivers, and keeps track of payments for your office team will save you time and money.
Systems nowadays can update your office staff the moment a payment has been made, automatically enter it in the system and generate invoices which can be sent quicker to your customers. This speeds up the cash flow for your business, letting you get paid quicker while providing a more punctual service to your customers.
In this article, we’ll go over the different stages on features of our Software for improving your payment system.

The Mobile App

When your driver services a customer, the app draws up the entire order, including any additional products, returns, discounts and so on. It provides an end-of-site summary automatically, so your driver and customer can review the service and reach an agreement on payments.
The app keeps track of the cash your driver has on hand, allowing them to take cash deposits from customers easily, relying on the system to keep track of the totals. The app also accommodates for cheque and card payments, meaning the service is smooth and your drivers can quickly continue on their route knowing the system is taking care of transactions.
The app is easy to use but has enough functionality to accommodate for any action your driver wants to take; adding new customers on the route, barcode scanning, temporarily skipping customers if they’re unavailable and so on.
You can also choose to have an invoice immediately emailed to your customers once the servicing has been completed.
Below you can quickly see how easy it is for drivers to service customers using the app:

The Office System

Once a payment has been made, the system automatically updates with the current records; end-of-site summaries, total costs and stock adjustments.
From here, the system can automatically generate an invoice, saving time and effort for your team. You can then download these invoices and have them emailed to your customers right away, improving cash flow massively.
With a simple and organised interface, your team can easily find and review past invoices for each customer, and your customers can do the same using their client portal.
Having a system take care of recording, organising and processing payments leaves you with far more time to focus on growing the business and providing better customer service.
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