August 03 2020

'IN THE LOOP' - How can I optimise Route Planning and reduce error?

Planning routes can be challenging without the right system in place. It can get confusing and difficult for teams to juggle multiple orders, inaccurate stock counts and specific delivery windows.
As a customer base grows, this only becomes more challenging, and mismanagement can result in orders not being delivered at the correct times or locations, which impacts the businesses’ reputation. It is easier than ever for customers to switch suppliers, which is why optimising different areas of the business ensures you can not only retain customer loyalty but expand quickly too.
In this article, we are exploring the different ways Route Planning Systems can be used to optimise efficiency and ease the ordering process.

A simple Interface

It is essential for route planning systems to provide easy-to-learn and easy-to-use for your office team. In the short term, this makes the ordering process simpler and errors, more easily identifiable. In the long-term, this saves a huge amount of effort and time which can be focused on other areas of the business instead.
Being able to plan ahead means you can organise deliveries, reschedule easily, and manage new orders quickly and appropriately. This is why our system offers the ability to plan up to 7 days ahead.

Planning on a single screen

Our System offers all of the necessary delivery information on a single screen, meaning you can skim over the page and see any issues or confirm any completed schedules using a ‘lock route’ icon.
Digital Systems offer simplistic and easy-to-use interfaces to solve issues surrounding complicated scheduling processes - Our Delivery Management System offers a drag-and-drop feature, meaning you can simply drag deliveries to your desired route, meaning last-minute changes or amendments are simple and clear.
Being able to define and easily see the delivery type of each order on a single screen lets you accurately assign the appropriate vehicle for each route. Down the line, this avoids delivery issues, with the right vehicle going to the right delivery destinations.

Route Optimizations

Finally, one of the most advanced features of a digital route planning system is the optimization offered - If you need to sync all the routes to finish at the same time, spread deliveries over a certain number of drivers, meet delivery ETA’s and delivery windows while still achieving the quickest route times, systems nowadays will calculate all of these variables for you, meaning planning has never been so easy.
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