October 01 2020

Helping our Pharmacies manage Home Deliveries

With Pharmacies coming under increasing pressure with the need to deliver vulnerable patients prescriptions through voluntary drivers, the safety and security of the delivery service is also facing problems as attempt to keep up with the necessary deliveries.

These are very challenging times, and we would like to offer assistance in any way we can so the most vulnerable can receive the treatment and assistance they need.

RouteMagic is our eProof of Delivery and Route Planning system that we are offering to Pharmacies, free of charge, during the current crisis. The Software can help to ease the planning, delivery and traceability burden being added to Pharmacies in these critical times.

All you need is a internet connection for the pharmacy team and an Android phone to make the delivery.

RouteMagic offers every pharmacy the following benefits:

•Easy entry of prescription deliveries

•Simple route planning

•Prescription Track & Trace Facility

•Confirms correct prescriptions taken for delivery

•Confirms correct prescription for each patient

•Google Maps Integration

•Takes patient address and guides driver to destination

•Contactless Proof of Delivery

•Delivery process by-passes signature options

•Photographic evidence of delivery, which is recorded immediately

•Captures GPS location with time & date stamp

•Lone Worker Safety

•Tracks the location of your drivers

•Records in real-time route progress

Our commitment to Pharmacies is that we will provide our software and any required training and set-up assistance free-of-charge during the crisis.

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