March 25 2019

Get Paid Quicker

People in the direct store delivery business know that chasing payments is an extremely time taking, effort-intensive task and sometimes takes multiple reminders and trips. The more efficient your own order to invoice workflow, the better chances for you to get paid.

Automated systems - work better using less staff

If your entire business setup is still using paper delivery note systems, managing a business based on handwritten documents becomes an expensive chore - you dedicate staff to track every delivery status, coordinate with your delivery team and then manually update invoices that still need to be posted or delivered to the customers for payment.

Alternatively, you can implement an electronic delivery management system with your unique workflow where all the steps to be followed from order creation to invoice generation are predefined and then automated so that the next step can be followed only once the previous step is fulfilled, and it becomes a game changer. Immediately you can be confident that all your business rules are being followed, you can see delivery progress in real-time from the office and all delivery/invoice documents are available. This means fewer office staff can handle the same and more work and delivery team no longer need to laboriously process paper forms as all their paperwork will be managed through a low-cost Android smartphone/tablet which will create and print invoices and delivery notes once the delivery/van sales is completed and send the electronic document to the office team.

Speed up Invoicing

The completed delivery note once received in the office system will auto generate the invoice once the steps defined in the workflow for a customer order are finished. The electronic proof of delivery updates on your system complete with customer signature allowing your customer service teams to resolve delivery queries quickly without needing to contact drivers .All this saves you time, your customer is correctly invoiced as soon as the delivery is finished. Automating your delivery to invoice process significantly improves your cash-flow. Invoices always reflect the delivered quantity not the ordered amount, and you are able to invoice your customer quicker as there is no delay for paper-based systems to be updated and waiting for invoicing to catch up.

Reduce Errors and No Missing Paperwork

Automation in operations means predefined workflow steps are executed and followed reducing the opportunity for human error making your process much easier to follow and manage. For every completed delivery, all your documents(digital) will be updated in your system eliminating the chance of missing paperwork. With no more filing of documents like proof of deliveries, invoices, receipts - paperwork can always be found and provided to customers by email quickly and easily to minimise credit-control delays.

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