March 25 2020

Future Proofing your Business going Forward

A call to all Businesses

With the widespread disruptions currently taking place, MESL are looking to support businesses of all sizes.

We have re-positioned our project work-force to change their focus, enabling any business that wishes to use this isolation period to prepare their isolated work-force for a speedy recovery.

MESL have now geared up to provide any business wishing to use the isolation time being experienced by their work force to evaluate / trial Route Magic, have the solution configured and ready to run on day 1 of restrictions being lifted.

We are offering our support staff free of charge to help train workers and get them familiar with the System at no risk or cost to your business. - This is an opportunity to ensure you and your business survive going forward.

A quick email to will give you the opportunity to understand what Route Magic can do to support your business at this time.

Alternatively, you can reach out through out contact us page.