April 29 2019

How a Smart Direct Store Delivery Solution can benefit the FMCG industry?

The FMCG industry is highly competitive and because of the perishable nature of many goods, managing sale or return and other types of contract becomes very admin-heavy which impacts profit margins. Finding a solution that makes the delivery, invoicing and administration process faster and smoother is a game changer. To be profitable in this sector you require a capable and fast mobile Sales and Delivery Management, accurate Stock Management, and Route Planning System.

RouteMagic is a complete Route Accounting solution providing one system to take care of all the aspects of delivery and distribution business from order to payment. Here is how it improves wholesale delivery:

Improve your Route Planning and Delivery Scheduling:

Making sure you minimise your delivery costs whilst meeting customer requirements is a key element to a profitable route. RouteMagic allows you to review each route and ensure that your journeys are sequenced as efficiently as possible and take in to account customer SLA’s, delivery windows, service times and location constraints to create a balanced journey plan at lowest cost.

__Remain in Control of your Drivers __

Real time tracking provides you total visibility of your fleet no matter where they are, keeping you up to date with route progress, which customers have been serviced, who’s bought what and right down to what stock is left on each van. Customer Services have access to to field team’s location, can see live traffic issues and can now answer customers queries directly without recourse to drivers - saving time, money and improving the level of customer satisfaction. Interactive messaging to drivers can prompt route changes and instruct drivers to prioritise VIP customers to maintain SLA’s as well as assisting with disputes over returns and other issues.

With this feature, managers can proactively manage mobile teams to ensure service levels and company standards are maintained.

Improve Productivity

RouteMagic brings accountability to every role in your business - since the workflow is predefined and real-time tracking data is always available to the management team, the whole company becomes more efficient. Managers can analyse all this data with the analysis and reporting module to come up with insights into problem points and bottlenecks. Route planning helps optimise and improve delivery schedules, factors in other considerations and ultimately optimises the entire process. Real time updates between office and mobile app means all documents and transactions are updated and available immediately. Errors are reduced, service time is reduced as well improving efficiency.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improving the delivery process means that the customers will not only get their deliveries on time but every interaction between customer and your business will improve. Tele-sales and Van sales will be aided with data like past order histories, special notes, special prices and promotions, your delivery staff will have access to integrated delivery notes and special instructions - especially useful for relief drivers - all designed to make your company cater to customers’ needs in a better manner.

Automation and defined tasks and processes means fewer errors, immediate updates means you make better decisions and ultimately you will provide better experience for the customer.

For more information on choosing the right Delivery Management System, you can see out Infographic here.

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