October 05 2020

‘IN THE LOOP’ - Having a flexible workforce can promise steady productivity for wholesalers

The UK is on the brink of a second wave of lockdown measures. With predictions suggesting the second wave could be even more severe than the first, it is vital for wholesalers, Foodservice businesses and distributors to have prepared systems in place to handle staff fluctuations without sacrificing productivity and a steady flow of goods and services.
Most businesses will be prepared for a resurgence in lockdown regulations, with most beginning to rely on trusted digital systems which help continue and even improve their services during testing times.
This article will explore the ways a flexible workforce will help foodservice businesses, and we will provide a few ways flexibility can be improved.

Dealing with staff fluctuations

As lockdown measures set in, every business will have barriers to overcome, in terms of staff shortages and insufficient teams for different areas of the business. For foodservice, this could mean shortages in your mobile workforce. It doesn’t have to - Having a more flexible business means you can adapt quickly to shortages, planning quickly and effectively to meet demand with reduced numbers of workers.

Organising and Planning Routes

With widespread disruptions, those distributors who have competent route planning systems in place will no doubt feel the effects less than those who rely on outdated, or paper-based systems (which could worsen with staff shortages)
Both staff shortages and abnormal demand from customers can both be dealt with appropriately and effectively with a proper route planning system in place - Newer Systems offer the ability to automatically optimise routes based on factors you decide: maximum driving time, collective driving times across all drivers/routes, spreading the number of orders across all routes, starting.finishing times etc. This means you can streamline your business and your entire team will be kept in the loop each day.

Keeping your business safe

With workers on sick leave, certain teams being moved to remote work and customers closing to comply with safety regulations, an additional safeguard is through the use of digital systems which reduce interactions between worker-to-worker, and worker-to-customer.

How can greater flexibility be achieved

Having a System in place that lets you easily choose how many routes you want to use each day, and allocated orders to these routes appropriately, taking into account delivery windows, driving times and working hours that you decide.
__With a competent planning system, you can manage, organise and schedule orders for up to a week in advance, with the security of a digital safeguard against errors along the way. __
Countering disruptions which could potentially have massive consequences is a necessity, but appropriately handling staff fluctuations and avoiding the impacts of staff shortages will ensure you keep on track and maintain quality service for all customers.

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