May 11 2021

Flexible Order Management - A Breakdown of benefits

Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

Most delivery businesses have a variety of delivery types - Some deliver to the same customers, the same days each week and supply the same products. Others may do a variety of regular orders alongside van sales stops and varying pre-orders each week.
Equally, customers may want to change their orders last minute, and this can be the case for regular customers who are managing changing demand week in week out.
Managing your own demand as it changes weekly can be challenging and take up a lot of your time. It can be handled effectively with administrative efforts and manual planning, but a digital system in place can automate where appropriate, leaving your teams with far more time to reinvest elsewhere.
- Picture the ease added if a system could handle
- Flexible customer ordering, so they don’t need to speak to your team to review, receive updates or change their orders each week
- Regular schedules automatically roll out each week
- Last minute changes to orders can be quickly adjusted and stock levels automatically updated
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With a quick setup and short learning curve, your business can continue service with a new level of efficiency, reflecting directly on increasing profits and happier customers.
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