October 09 2020

5 ways flexibility benefits foodservice businesses

1. Deal with staff fluctuations

Having a more flexible business means you can adapt quickly to shortages, planning quickly and effectively to meet demand with reduced numbers of workers.

2. Effectively manage demand

Whether you’re experiencing a large influx or reduction in demand, our system helps you clearly see where efforts need to be focused - The simple & easy-to-use order processing system helps your team manage demand, while never missing an order and ensuring each order is delivered to the customer’s expectations (ETA’s, disounts/promotions etc.)

3. Easily add new customers

Your drivers can add new customers while on the route, and the information they take will be automatically updated in the system for review by your office teams. With no hassle or paperwork, you can swiftly grow your business and impress new customers with a quick and easy B2B relationship.

4. Adjustable orders

Routemagic offers flexibility throughout the ordering process - If last-minute changes to orders are required, this can be quickly implemented to keep your business customer-centric. You can adjust pricing and quantities too.

5. Re-invest team efforts

With a digital system allowing your entire business to function more flexibly, you can re-centre your focus and prioritise customer service and business growth.
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