September 25 2020

‘FIVE FACTORS’ - 5 ways our Delivery System optimizes Routes

5 ways our Delivery System optimizes Routes

Our Delivery Management System lets you optimise routes based on a number of different factors:

Choose the max/min number of routes used on any given day

This helps you plan for a fluctuating workforce, such as seasonal work or equally, fluctuating workflow and deliveries each day.
You can use your workforce to plan in the most effective way.

__Define the max distance traveled __

Choosing to optimize routes based on distance lets the System know the maximum distance you want each driver to travel. This is useful when planning schedules on a larger scale, as you can attribute deliveries in proximity to certain drivers.

Ensure all routes finish at the same time each day

This helps you keep a solid structure across your businesses. You can ensure each driver finishes at the correct time, and the System will attribute deliveries (taking into account specific ETA’s) to drivers ensuring each route is completed at the same time.

Minimise the completion time across all routes

This capability will ensure the deliveries are spread across all routes to promise quicker finishing times for all drivers. This lets you work to satisfy urgent deliveries, but the system plans the routes for you so the process is not taxing for your planning teams.

Set the maximum driving time

You can define exactly how long you want each driver’s max driving time to be. You simply enter the desired amount of time and let the system optimize routes to match your rules.
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