July 09 2019

What is Field Service Management?

Businesses with off-site workers can manage, plan and coordinate their field operations and provide field workers with the resources they require to do their jobs efficiently. Field Service Management(FSM) is a very important dimension of any Van Sales and Delivery business.

It gives your business the opportunity to be more flexible, optimised and efficient, providing improved customer service and first call service success rates. Day to day operations are made efficient by route optimisation and smart field team scheduling, which reduces fuel costs and administration overload. It also helps with handling emergencies - jobs can be quickly reassigned, schedule easily adjusted with minimum disruption.

FSM functionality includes the automation of scheduling service orders and dispatching field workers and real time visibility of progress against schedule and job status. However RouteMagic - the complete Field Service Management solution by Mobile Enterprise Systems includes a lot of features creating a complete end to end field service management solution.

These features include:

- · Scheduling and service order management

- · Instant new job and schedule adjustment alerts

- · Equipment tracking, service and movement history

- · Parts and inventory management

- · Proof of service photo capture

- · Real-time view of mobile worker progress

- · Job status updates

- · Route optimisation and sat nav

- · Time tracking and driver logs

- · Integrated invoicing/payment processing

- · Sundry upsells

- · Regulatory compliance measures

Thus, Field service businesses can leverage field service management software to add value, increase productivity and reduce costs in several areas of the business.

For more on Delivery Management Systems, you can see our walk-through of RouteMagic here.