March 16 2019

Why having a Electronic Proof of Delivery System is necessary for your business?

Competitive advantage. Accurate real-time data collection. Elimination of disputes.

Having a Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD) system setup is a necessity today for any delivery, distribution and field sales/van sales business. Not only is it super convenient, it also updates all your records at the back in real-time thus eliminating inaccuracies, missed entries and a ton of additional paperwork and backend data feeding.

Using mobile devices, a capable E-POD software like RouteMagic confirms delivery of the correct goods to the correct address, records the time the goods were delivered and electronically captures the recipient’s signature, all at the point of delivery.

With easy integrations, E-POD system enables data to be captured on scheduled and unscheduled returns. Using real time technology and 3G communications, the data is instantly captured and transmitted to the back office system.

By automating transactions across your business, reducing paperwork and improving your response rate, RouteMagic electronic proof of delivery system improves cash flow and increases productivity and responsiveness.

Traits of a good EPOD solution:

Increased cash flow:

Reduce time between delivery and invoicing enabling earlier billing against confirmed deliveries and collections.

Reduced customer delivery disputes and returns:

Gather indisputable proof of delivery with name, signature, photographs and time stamps.

Increase in productivity and responsiveness:

Speed up delivery process with a intuitive, robust and user friendly mobile workforce solution - like RouteMagic.

Improved delivery tracking and exception monitoring:

Track delivery progress with real-time data exchanges from the mobile worker to the office.

Improved customer service and satisfaction:

Provide customers with real-time progress information and proactively manage issues and changes to delivery/collections.

A professional company image:

Demonstrate your commitment to investment in new technologies for the benefit of your customers.

Reduced errors and manual processing:

Reduce manpower dedicated to deliveries and collection management and back end reconciliations. Automate processing and back end data updates frees up administrative resources for other tasks.

Reduced administrative and stationary costs:

Eliminate paperwork and reducing printing.

Reduced fuel and vehicle maintenance costs:

Full Route Optimisation and Scheduling. Vehicle inspections and checklists.

Reduced returnable equipment losses:

Asset tracking and barcode scanning to provide full equipment visibility to mobile workers and customers.

Greater business insights:

Advanced management reporting capabilities.

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