March 15 2021

How an EPOD System will improve deliveries from day one

Delivery Management Software often promises its users that the system will lead to faster growth of the business, larger profits and improved customer satisfaction. Although Digital Systems can lead to a lot of benefits down the line, they also offer improvements which can be noticed from the first day of using a new system.
A lot of businesses we work with have used the same system(s) for years, and sometimes even decades. Usually paper-based, these systems work for the company because it has been in place for so long, and their teams are very competent. However, just because a system works does not mean there are new alternatives that won't work better.
This is why a system that can be setup quickly and is easy to use, is a crucial factor for wholesalers and delivery businesses, who need to keep the business running smoothly while getting used to the new system, and want to see the results of investment quickly.
With over 20 years of experience working alongside a range of differently sized food & beverage distributors, we have focused on the need for an easy to setup and use system that improves service in both the short and long-term.

Immediate Benefits of an EPOD System

Office Benefits

1. Improved organisation

Moving from a paper-based system, or from multiple systems that work together to a complete alternative means all of the data, schedules, customer/product/price information, payments and invoices are all held on 1 access-from-anywhere system.
Removing the need to juggle between systems, ensuring they are integrated properly helps our customer stay far better organised.
All daily/weekly/monthly reports, including payments and invoices are organised automatically on the back-end, after they have been sent back from the driver’s device. Sections break up the different reports, so you can easily find and check over the information you need there and then.
A better organised business means each team member can manage their own tasks while keeping a clear head and prioritising their efforts.

2. Route Planning

When planning daily operations, how much time would you save if you could automate routine deliveries and call sequences, while being able to look over all of the day’s routes on a single-screen? RouteMagic lets you plan up to a week in advance, so your teams can keep ahead of schedule when preparing orders - leading to less chance of error too.

3. Visibility

With information passing between the office, driver and customer, you will have unparalleled visibility over operations immediately. This improves responsiveness to delays, disruptions or requests from divers and customers. With a cloud-based system, you can have a bird’s eye view of each delivery even when you’re not present in the office. Simply login, and monitor your businesses’ performance each day.
RouteMagic offers insights into the profitability of each route and customer - The System collects data from day-one and draws insights from reports which are easy to understand. You can pin-point areas for improvement and plan with a clear view of where the business is headed and where efforts need to be focused.

Driver Benefits

1. Quicker route times

Route Optimisations calculate the quickest call sequence for any route, taking into account any delivery windows or specific ETA’s for each customer. Your planning team is given an estimated driving time, and ETA’s for each customer. They can improve their customer service, while your drivers can benefit from shorter route times, you save money on fuel and customers get their desired service consistently.

2. Improved Communication

With the back-office and driver app sending information instantly, any adjustments to orders can be catered for without delaying your drivers. They can also let customers and your team know immediately if a disruption occurs, so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.
RouteMagic offers:
- Driver messages which let the driver know exactly where to make a delivery
- Geo-fencing alerts, which automatically let the customer know when their delivery is nearby
- All the customer info and contact details needed for drivers to keep customers informed and up to speed.

3. Digital Reporting

With digital reporting, drivers can remove the need for manually taking proof of deliveries or site reports, as the system handles this for them. After submitting a report on the driver handheld, it is passed back to the office where it can be processed there and then, instead of waiting for the driver to return at the end of the day. Having to juggle multiple pieces of paperwork each day inevitably leads to manual error or missing reports, which create more work for your team.

3. Customer Benefits

Finally, your customers can reap the benefits of being kept in the loop. You can offer them a more convenient ordering system, where they can place, manage and oversee each of their orders. Any adjustments can be made through a customer portal instead of calling or emailing your team, letting your business become more flexible without sacrificing a smooth work rate.

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