June 18 2020

Electronic Proof of Delivery and the Chain of Accountability

Electronic Proof of Delivery Systems help van drivers work quicker and customers receive a more convenient treatment. They are irrefutable proof of a delivery on a digital system which will be stored safely and securely.

Deliveries can often cause disputes between customers and van divers; customers may not be in and the delivery is not placed in the secure position, paperwork may be lost and arguments over misplaced deliveries can damage relationships.

Electronic Proof of Deliveries prevent all of these from occurring - The delivery records are organised and stored by the system in a digital vault, and they can be easily drawn upon if any disputes happen. For this reason, EPODs have become the norm for delivery businesses, as they improve the chain of accountability.

This means that if something goes wrong (or right) with a Delivery, the cause for the disruption is known immediately. At the same time, any disputes can be resolved swiftly by simply using the records as proof. This means drivers can worry less about juggling paperwork, knowing that the delivery has been recorded and they can move on with their day.

Photographic evidence

Many Systems also offer a photographic signature too. This can be used to take a record of where the delivery was made. Similarly, during the COVID-19 disruptions, we are seeing these forms of proof being used to ensure delivery drivers and customers are sticking to Government guidelines and the 2-metre distancing rule.

Why is Accountability important?

Accountability comes with responsibility - For Delivery Businesses, this means that a delivery is their responsibility until both the driver and customer agree that the delivery has been made. Having as detailed records as possible avoid confusion and disputes, and allows the correct team to be accountable for any mistakes, and equally for any great service.

Say a delivery driver goes out of their way to service a new customer, who placed a last minute order. This proof of delivery and these records are clear evidence of outstanding service. Of course, the same can be said for poor service too.

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