September 18 2020

‘FIVE FACTORS’ - 5 features of our Delivery System shortening the learning curve

1. Importing existing data

You can easily import all of your data using a single spreadsheet - Simply use our template to enter all of your existing data regarding products and customers, import it onto our System and it will organise it all for you.
This means you can be up and running with all of your company’s data as in just a few days.

2. Integrates with existing systems

RouteMagic can even serve as an extension to their existing ERP and financial systems. It was purposed to be easily integrated through REST APIs, and integrates with standard systems such as Xero, Sage, Tally and many others.

3. Simple app for drivers

The app is incredibly easy to use and the learning curve is as short as possible. With 6 simple icons, the app structures your driver’s schedule - From vehicle inspections to loading stock, servicing customers, taking cash deposit and unloading the vehicle, the app offers a simple flow for drivers to follow.

4. Simple Office System

We offer online and telephone support, and our team can help your team understand how to use the system as quickly as possible. It offers simple screens for all processes, such as the entire ordering process, setting up customers, product lines, order planning and monitoring.
Similarly to the app for drivers, we have designed the system with ease of use and a short learning curve in mind, so your team can use it as productively as possible in the shortest amount of time.

5. Custom rules

For each driver and each customer, you can define specific rules to ensure the business runs as you want it to. You can enforce vehicle inspections, set a maximum % of discounts/promotions on products, credit limits for customers, and much more.
This aims to let you work as you are comfortable and used to, to maximise productivity while the system takes care of organising/filing paperwork and reports, and automating processes (such as certain ordering stages/route planning) where necessary.
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