April 07 2020

5 reasons why Van drivers should be using mobile devices

5 reasons why Van drivers should be using integrated mobile devices

Mobile devices are a necessity as technologies improve, competition rises and consumer demands evolve. They improve business continuity and optimise productivity on both individual and collective levels.

Below are 5 key ways the use of mobile devices can improve the productivity of distributors.

1. They make communication easier

Mobile devices allow updates and information to flow seamlessly between offices, costumers and drivers. If delays occur, each team can be informed straight away, which saves efforts down the line and workflow disruptions are minimised.

2. Recall data immediately

Keep track of each delivery and have reports filed instantly through the safety of a web-based System. Having this immediate access to data is critical when trying to streamline your business and keep everyone in the loop.

3. Electronic-Proof of Deliveries & photographic evidence

Electronic Proof of Deliveries reduce the time spent servicing a customer, allowing them to receive the delivery easier. Photographic evidence of deliveries additionally mean any discrepancies about misplaced deliveries can be resolved.

4. More reliable than paper-based reporting

The time spent waiting for reports to be filed and recorded slows down your cashflow & increases the risk of manual error. Relying on digital updates saves the efforts of mobile workers, which leads on to the last point...

5. They free up drivers to focus on actual tasks

Without the need to manually input and record delivery information, calculate additional items sold and manage discounts/promotions, drivers can happily focus their energy on the schedule and their main goals for the day.

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