August 13 2020

Inventory Management Systems are providing new opportunities for Distributors

Poor Stock Control can cause delays if van loads are not accurate, frustrated customers, and ultimately, they slow down operations on individual driver, and business levels.
With customers seeking ever-improving service from distributors, it is vital to keep disruptions minimised, and with greater control over stock levels, both in the van and in warehouses, this is made possible.
Digital Inventory management solutions can offer precise and automtic stock adjustments, taking into account damaged and returned stocks from customers. This can save your teams the hassle of manually calculating stock transfers, which can often lead to easy mistakes which impact future order fulfilments. Having a System that precisely records stock levels and provide live stock updates means you can optimise re-order levels which in turn, reduces carrying costs and warehouse management costs.
Optimising stock management also provides distribution businesses with new opportunities - Automatic stock updates allows your drivers to make van-to-van transfers, to ensure the fulfilment of orders. These transfers also compensate for insufficient stock levels in a certain inventory, as these insufficiencies can be corrected on the road, without the need to return to warehouses which cause further delays.

stock control

Whether you rely more on Van Sales, or you're a DSD business, having greater control over stocks results in:
- Minimised delays
- Immediate updates on stock levels
- Save time & efforts of drivers (not having to halt their delivery schedule to retrieve necessary stocks from the Warehouse)
- Better foresight and planning for your Business
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