November 13 2020

‘Five Factors’ - 5 digital technologies to assist distribution in the second lockdown

1. Online Customer Ordering

RouteMagic offers a Customer Portal, where customers can access their accounts - Placing and overseeing orders has never been more convenient, and this ease-of-access is more necessary now than ever, given offices are closing and it is becoming more difficult to communicate with customers in person.
Customers can amend orders after they have been confirmed, meaning flexibility is improved. They can also access all of their previous orders, including invoices, products, total costs and all the reports taken by the driver.
This improved communication, and the ability to make changes to orders and have them implemented quickly increases responsiveness without adding unnecessary work to your team’s efforts.

2. Contactless Deliveries

This is a must-have for delivery businesses continuing to supply customers as we begin our second lockdown.
The safety of workers and customers is at the forefront of everybody’s concerns. Using our electronic proof-of-delivery mobile app, drivers can take photographic evidence of a successful delivery. The GPS location being included in the site report, so accountability is maintained while no interactions are made between drivers and customers.

3. Paperless Reports & Records

Removing the need for paperwork not only reduces the chance of manual error or last records - It also improves accountability and ensures records are kept safe. EPoDs, end-of-site and end-of-day reports can be accessed using the office system as soon as the delivery is made, so the process of sending out invoices and finalising orders is quicker.

4. Delivery Notifications

Following on from contactless deliveries is the need to prepare effectively to make the delivery, ensuring compliance with safety regulations - Automatic delivery notifications let your customers know when drivers are nearby, allowing them to prepare appropriately to pick up their order.

5. Access-from-anywhere Systems

Responsivity and visibility both help you keep deliveries running as smoothly as possible amongst disruptions. RouteMagic can be accessed from anywhere using a laptop, desktop, or phone. This means your drivers can communicate seamlessly with office teams, and all delivery progress can be viewed from anywhere using the ERP System.

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