July 03 2020

‘FIVE FACTORS’ - 5 ways Digital Delivery Systems keep your staff and customers safe

5 ways Digital Delivery Systems help make safe Deliveries following Lock Down

1. Geo-Fencing Alerts

Automatic geo-fencing alerts can also be set up to ensure that back-office people are automatically notified when a driver enters or leaves a particular location.
Similarly, customers can receive updates on their delivery, so they cna take the appropriate measures to prepare.

2. Calculated Delivery ETA’s

The System’s integrations with Google Maps allow precise ETA’s to be calculated, which provides your customers with better knowledge of their deliveries so they can plan accordingly. The specific timings also help to structure your drivers’ routes.
Meet customer delivery windows everytime, and allow the system to account for specific delivery demands and customer preferences.

3. Contactless Deliveries

The ability to make a delivery without making contact is obviously a huge benefit for drivers and customers.
Drivers can take photographs as evidence of the delivery, so the delivery is still acounted for. This is probably the single most important feature of Deliveyr Management Systems for protecting people.

4. Minimising Paperwork

Not only does the removal of paperwork reduce manual error and the possibility of lost paperwork or improper filing, but digital records act as another line of defence, preventing contact whereever possible.
Drivers and customers can have a more convenient delivery experience, whil remaining in compliance eith social distancing, keeping them, their co-workers and family safe from risk.

5. Easy Online Order Management

One hinderence to the unusual business models which have been adopted since lockdown, is finding a new way to take customer orders.
Fortunately, digital Delivery Systems take extensive records of info (such as order priority, delivery windows, number of items in an order, price of the order, driver name, vehicle name, customer name) which are critical for planning and organising deliveries safely.
With next generation Drag and Drop Functionality, you can allocate orders to different routes by just dragging them to the right location.
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