November 19 2020

[REPOST] - How can our Digital Delivery Systems improve Visibility?

The digital age has brought a wave of innovations that let Businesses work more flexibly, communicate better and access better data about operations, short and long term.
For delivery businesses, we have seen a huge surge in the emergence of new technologies and systems that allow drivers to work more efficiently, and office teams to oversee schedules and plan deliveries more effectively. They can access live information about customers, deliveries, stops, timings and driver locations, often from a single screen.
In this article, we will break down a few of our Delivery Management System’s features that grant Delivery Businesses better visibility over their drivers.

Real-time updates

One of the biggest challenges for traditional route management systems is accessing live updates. Being able to see where your drivers are throughout the day gives you a good indication as to how efficiently a route is, and how quickly deliveries can be done.
With live updates and communication between teams, you can respond to issues quicker, necessary changes to routes can be made and stock issues can be resolved. You can be better organized, and your drivers don’t have to worry about keeping you updated, which only prevents them from maintaining a solid workflow.

Driver tracking, ETA’s and Route Optimization

Our Systems uses Google Maps integrations which allow you to track drivers on their route. This feature also provides you and your customers with specific ETA’s which are very useful when planning route times, delivery windows and customer requirements. Our System used live data such as traffic congestion and delivery windows set by customers to work out the quickest route, meaning you can reduce fuel costs, work more sustainably and effectively.

Colour indicated delivery status’

When a team is planning routes and monitoring deliveries, it’s vital for a System to not be over-complicated which can make planning a confusing task.
Our System uses a colour-coded system to indicate which deliveries have been made, which are still in progress, and which deliveries were skipped or unable to be delivered, recording the reasons and specific times each of these actions took place.
This means your office team can skim over the route monitor or route planner, and understand exactly what’s going on without having to read into detail, which they can do as well.

Route and Stop types

Other indicators our System offers are for route types and stop types. Understanding and choosing the appropriate vehicles for specific routes means there are no traffic or parking issues which cause delays.
With our Delivery Management System, you can define different types of routes, such as those with high amounts of traffic, which are largely restaurant deliveries and which routes are quick to complete.
You can also define stop types, meaning drivers will know the amount of time they have to stop and park, if any. This allows them to prepare in advance, taking the appropriate actions to keep the workflow smooth and the delivery quick.
Prevention is better than cure, and so we’ve targeted usual points of delay and disruption, responding to them before they happen.
If you’d like to know more about our System, you can see our full list of features.
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