March 10 2021

How will a Delivery Management Software improve Customer Relationships?

Delivery Management Systems don’t just aim to work for your delivery operation by improving the productivity of each team member and the overall efficiency of the business.
They target key customer needs, and manage these needs so you can provide better service while not being weighed down with additional work that would only slow down your drivers and office teams.

Why is perfect customer service so important?

Before we get in the how, we should first address why improving customer service is so critical for the growth and success of a business. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and great customer service really helps businesses to highlight their operation’s quality. It helps to create a brand image of being professional, punctual and reliable, which are 3 keys which every customer will look for.
Furthermore, personalised service helps your customer know their worth and lets them know that you value their relationship. Overtime, this reflects back as loyalty and long-term relationships which benefit both business and customer.
The two biggest barriers to personalised customers service are:
1.Inefficiencies in the delivery operation which are reflected through delays, poorly executed deliveries and error
2. Lacking the ability to handle various customer requirements so each customer can be treated as personally as they desire.
Digital Systems understand that great customer service relies on maximising productivity and reducing error. They also know that each customer in the food & beverage Industry requires different treatment due to their sector, the goods they need and the unique needs of each customer.
This article will dive into the various ways RouteMagic caters for your customers, so you can focus on key tasks, knowing that your customers will be satisfied.

Flexible ordering

Being able to adjust orders even after they have been made lets your customers access options for flexibility which help them manage changing demand/needs. After placing an order, customers can overview and make changes to products and quantities.
These changes are passed immediately over to your system, where the changes can be easily implemented quickly. This prevents your workflow from being delayed, but also gives consumers more control over their orders. The System takes care of the process in between meaning your customers can focus on their tasks and your team can focus on theirs with no disruptions. It’s a win-win.

Customer Schedules

You can set up Van Sales Schedules for daily/weekly/monthly basis for each customer. This takes away the need for your planning teams to manually input regular orders, saving them time and ensuring these standing orders are fulfilled each week.
These schedules are simple to set up and once done, the system takes care of automatically processing these orders so your team simply has to fulfill them. Having the system automate these regular orders means error and unfulfilled orders are minimised, while your customers can still make adjustments if they require different items/quantities to their usual orders.

Secure Deliveries

Electronic proof-of-delivery apps are incredibly useful for deliveries where the customer is not present. RouteMagic lets your drivers know exactly where the customer wants a package to be delivered, and it lets your drivers take photographic evidence of a delivery. This photograph is attached to the POD which is sent to both your teams and the customer. This means accountability is upheld and disputes over misplaced/lost parcels are cut out.

Seamless interactions

Punctual deliveries and quick responses, from both an order process and customer service point of view rely heavily on easy and fast communication.
RouteMagic’s office system is integrated with the van driver's app, so information is passed between the 2 in real-time. This results in your entire team being kept in the loop, so when a customer wants an update they can get it quickly from any one of your team members. With the unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable event of a delay, your team can be as responsive as possible to fix the issue, whilst letting customers know immediately.

Automatic updates

Your drivers can save time by using automatic updates which will let customers know when their deliveries are on their way, or when your driver is nearby. RouteMagic’s route management system features Geo-Fencing alerts, which let your customers know when your drivers are within a certain distance from the drop location.
Your customers get the updates they need to prepare for the delivery, and your drivers don’t need to stop while on route to manually update them on the ETA.
For a closer look at the van driver mobile app.
For a closer look at the Back-Office Order Planning System.

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