October 15 2020

Delivery Management Systems: 5 Features for better Visibility

Visibility over your Business is one of the key components to productivity and growth. For distributors, visibility means understanding each route, each customer and each delivery, continuously identifying areas for improvement. Electronic Proof of Delivery Systems can help food and drink businesses get better visibility over each delivery. This means both customers and office staff can be kept in the loop, letting the business work more transparently while staying better informed on how operations are running.

This also helps to prevent problems rather than react to them, such as low or insufficient stocks or disorganisation when planning routes, which impact customer relationships and profits.

Below, we broke down 5 features of Delivery Management Systems that help van sales businesses, wholesalers, distributors and retailers receive more information about their daily ongoings.

1. Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof-of-Deliveries have become a staple of the digital transition. Being able to quickly take a signature to record a successful delivery is more secure and quicker than these systems’ paper-based predecessor, and it massively improves the chain of accountability.

RouteMagic takes these PODs and instantly sends them back to the Office for quicker processing. This means your Offices are in the loop and know exactly where each driver is by looking at a single screen. This assists your customer service team as they can provide informed, up-to-date information to customers about their delivery’s whereabouts. Additionally, any up-sold products are included in the report sent back to Office.

2. Route Monitoring

Our Route Monitor lets you oversee all routes for the day in real-time. You can see the vehicle types, the delivery types (whether that be restaurants, home deliveries, new customers etc.). You can also oversee the products for each order, as well as the stocks on the van at any time. This real-time view lets the System calculate specific ETA’s (expected time of arrival) which improves customer service further.

3. Live Stock updates

Our Delivery Management System gives you live stock updates, regardless of whether the stock is in a warehouse or van on the go. This also allows you to easily setup Van-to-Van transfers, so your drivers can make improvised decisions on the go to keep stock levels sufficient and customers happy.

4. Suggested Orders

Visibility means more data on operations, and more useful data at that. Our System learns to understand your customers, their habits, purchasing behaviours and even the frequency of their orders to provide customer-specific product suggestions. This means your van drivers can recommend products to each customer that they probably need, improving sales opportunities and impressing customers.

5. Automated Invoicing

As well as end-of-day reports being automated by the system, RouteMagic automatically creates invoices which are sent back to your Office once a Delivery has been signed for. This means quicker processing, resulting in a faster cashflow and a more punctual business.

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