February 24 2020

Customisable Systems help your Business implement YOUR rules

Each business is distinct, and each requires different codes and rules to conduct business in ways that make sense to the Operation.

The type of mobile worker, the type of work, the customers, the fleet sizes, the range of the company’s operation, the turnover rates of stocks are all different from distributor to distributor, and so incorporating a management system which caters for uniqueness is essential when trying to optimise productivity and profitability.

Allowing different field operatives to have different levels of freedom and access to make decisions, such as apply discounts, up-sell, service off-route customers, add customers & take cash deposits directly is necessary in providing long-term workers with autonomy whilst keeping temporary or seasonal workers following guidelines and rules so they can carry out jobs effectively.

infograph for customisations blog post

Equally, it is important to be able to apply discounts and promotions for certain items and for certain customers; you might have slow moving stocks you want to promote, or show long-term customers that you appreciate their business.

Additionally, you may want to approve the decisions some mobile workers make; placing a picklist, taking forward orders or setting up new customers can request approval from you Offices.

You know - Which workers are entitled to take certain actions, which customers have specific requests or needs and that they are being followed, and that your Back-Offices can approve or reject certain requests.

__Full customization of a Business is necessary when looking forward into coming years, as well as allowing you to provide more personalised service to your customers & allowing your workers to have more flexibility and autonomy, where it is due.