January 25 2021

Customer-Specific Pricing - Complex Pricing made Simple

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Having complete control of your products and how much they are sold for, to each customer helps you to maximise profit margins and get the most out of your products. This management of pricing and products for each customer often relies on manual calculations by your teams, and consistent efforts to ensure your prices match the ups and downs of the product’s price, month by month and from customer to customer.
This control over customer-specific prices can be optimised with the right digital steps. This article will explain how RouteMagic helps you manage default product prices, maximum and minimum selling prices, customer-specific pricing for certain products and promotions/discounts so you can stretch profit margins and grow your business.

Product Management

Our System holds thorough data for eah product, allowing you to setup a detailed database of your products, product groups and classes. You can input whitelist/blacklist products, so your van drivers know which products each customer can purchase from you. The simple but complex product setup on RouteMagic ensures errors and mistakes are minimised down the line.
With packaging types, weight measurements (including a catchweight functionality) and all of this information behind each product, you can then easily manage your products and amend prices depending on each customer.

product management

Default Pricing

Once products are created, you can set the product cost, default price of the product, the transfer cost, as well as the minimum and maximum price you want that product to be sold at.
This will set the standard price structure for each product across all of your customers. This provides the foundation, and from this baseline, you can set customer-specific pricing directly from the customer profiles.

pricing management

Price Lists

RouteMagic allows you to set up as many price lists as you want - These lists can be for seasonal promotions or discounts, with a set starting/ending date. You simply choose the products you want to apply discounts to, and can then employ a percentage/absolute discounts, or manually enter the prices.
This is the same for customer-specific price lists, which once applied, will override the default prices for the products in that list. This ensures your drivers do not accidentally under/overcharge customers, and you can easily amend prices quickly to suit the fluctuating prices of certain products whenever you want to.

price lists

Once you have created a price list under the ‘Product Management’ tab, you simply go back into each customer’s profile and apply your new price lists to each customer you want to receive the discounts.

How does this benefit you and your team?

This feature adds security to your daily operations, because you know that drivers will be providing products to customers at prices that you are happy with.
With the System automatically applying discounts and special price lists, you can save time and effort which can be re-invested. Your drivers can feel empowered and can boost profits with flexible pricing for each product, while management remains in control of how much/little each product can be sold at.
This level of control gives you more accurate insights into the profitability of your customers/products/runs, and lets you manage your finances more effectively.
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