June 26 2020

'FIVE FACTORS' - 5 ways CRM Systems improve Customer Service

Earlier this week, we gave an overview of our own CRM System with an Infographic that explores the smart features Routemagic offers as part of the complete Delivery Management System.

To continue with the theme of improved data collection and use, we have underlined 5 ways a CRM System improves Customer Service, from the basic to the more advanced.

Here it goes:

Digital Storage of Order Records

CRM Systems provide more information for each order, and this data is automatically organised, so you can save time filing while being able to access the order information you need quicker. Sales Order records let you overview each customer and your relationship, which leads to the next benefit:

Suggested Ordering

A proficient CRM System can use the history records to understand each customer, their preferred products and the frequency of their orders. This means you can receive information about specific products that the System recommends for each customer. This massively improves up-sell opportunities, and improves driver-customer interactions along the way. Imagine if you could predict and recommend products you know customers will need in the coming days or weeks?

Planning further ahead

Expanding on suggested products, having more data to more accurately predict customer behaviour allows you to plan ahead further. This lets your entire business get more organised and integrate efforts to make work easier. Being able to plan ahead further saves time and effort, so your support staff can focus on responding to costumes, drivers can stay focused on their tasks and management can use their freed-up schedule to plan growth for the business.

A more personalised Customer Experience

CRM Systems don’t just benefit the business internally - Your customers will receive better service and are more likely to remain loyal, in a time when it’s easier than ever for customers to switch suppliers and competition is fierce.

Seeking to provide ever-improving service through adopting digital systems proves to your customers that you are serious about relationships and quality service, and this effort is often reciprocal.

Pricing Groups

More generally, a System which manages customer relationships and data will help you set up customer-specific pricing. RouteMagic allows you to set up 3 distinct pricing types:

1. The default price of products

2. Generic PriceLists where you can provide discounts (either in absolute to %terms) to specific products of your choice

3. Customer Specific Pricelists where you can provide certain customers with special prices for the products of your choice

These three levels of pricing give you tremendous flexibility on pricing the products exactly the way you want, yet preventing mistakes from people downstream - pricing rules that you set are automatically enforced.

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