February 15 2021

Creation to Completion: Digital Order Management System for Distributors

To have your deliveries running smoothly across all routes each day requires a system which effectively links the entire process, from creation to completion.
If you create orders, get them picked, packed and loaded onto the vans using separate ways of recording and tracking the progress, then delays and errors are likely to occur. Having clear oversight for each order’s progress requires technology which can offer real-time visibility and can allow your team to quickly input and process orders.
This article will show examples of our System, from ordering, picking, packing, loading, and monitoring each delivery.

1. Creating an order

You can create an order simply and quickly using the ‘sale order’ section.

creating order

By entering the customer, it will assign the order to the default route associated with that customer. From here, you schedule a date and time, and add products in (either in bulk or individually). You can set discount amounts for each product and then simply save the order. The order will then be organised into the ‘sale order’ section, where you can overview all of the orders for the days and weeks ahead.

2. Picking & Packing

picking orders

Once an order has been created, it will move into the picking stage - Once your warehouse team has picked an order, you will see the status updated on the ERP. You can look over and check the order’s products and quantities.
Once an order has been picked, it moves automatically onto the packing screen, which shows similar details along with the status.
From this page, once an order or multiple orders have been packed, you can create a load order for each route. This load order compiles all of the stock for multiple orders that are set on a particular route.

packing orders

3. Loading

Once a load order has been created, you can see exactly when it has been loaded onto the vans on the single screen.

Each stage automatically pushes an order onto the next, for easy and efficient processing and preparation of each order.

load order

__4. Route Monitoring __

The Monitor provides you with all the information and updates you need to have a complete bird’s eye view of each route. Colour-indicators show you when a delivery is still waiting to be delivered (red), when a delivery has been made (blue), or when a delivery has been skipped (grey).
Once an order has been delivered, all of the reports for that order will be available to your office staff, so processing payments and invoices is just as efficient.


For a closer look at the entire back-office system, click here.

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