October 21 2021

Solutions for the Construction Industry: A Day in the life of a Van Driver using our Mobile App

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RouteMagic caters for a hugely diverse range of sectors - Our complete, end-to-end system is tailored on a personal basis for each customer, because we understand that even delivery operations in the same sector require different parts of the system, and have different areas that they want to optimise and improve.
Lets dive into the operation of a typical construction business, taking you through a day in the life of a van driver using our mobile application, to take reports, deliveries, track progress and communicate with customers and their office team members.

Starting the day

To start the day, your driver will open up the RouteMagic app, and download their call schedule for the day. This route data has been created and approved by the office teams beforehand, and the driver will have all of the information regarding customers, special requirements, stocks needed, order quantities and costs, delivery addresses and contact information at their fingertips.
Our mobile app has 6 icons that structure and layout the key tasks for the day. First things first; vehicle checks. Your driver has to carry out an inspection of the vehicle, checking that the vehicle has been properly maintained and is suitable for the day’s activities. Using the app, they use simple checkboxes to mark that everything is working properly, and once completed, this check is sent straight back to your offices automatically for review. In the case of a failed inspection, an automated email can be sent to the appropriate teams, so the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible, to avoid disruption to the workflow.

RouteMagic Mobile App - Construction distribution delivery software

Following the inspection, your driver can pick, and load the stocks they need onto their vehicle, either using the order information provided or manually entering the items taken from the warehouse/depot into the mobile app. Again, this information is passed back to your offices immediately, and the stock transfers are automatically calculated and adjusted by the routemagic app.
From here, your driver is ready to start their route, safely knowing that all the tasks they’ve done so far have been logged and accounted for by the app.

On the route

RouteMagic supports Google Maps and integrates with the optimised routes planned by your office teams to provide drivers with their route from the app. The sequence is mapped out, so your driver can follow the route knowing they will get from customer to customer as quickly as possible.
Approaching the first customer, the app sends an automatic SMS text or email to the contact alerting them of the incoming delivery. This lets them prepare appropriately and removes the manual task of contacting the customer manually.

Servicing the customer

When arriving at the customer’s location, your driver can check over any specific requirements, which are presented on the ordering page on their app.
From here, your driver can review the order quantities and costs with the customer, before taking a quick e-signature. RouteMagic accommodates payment by cheque, card, or even cash, which can be logged and handled by the app and your drivers.

Electronic Signature Software for construction companies

This can all be completed in a matter of minutes, with no paperwork and no juggling records, before your driver can continue on to the next customer. Once again, these delivery records are automatically sent back to the office, and any proof-of-deliveries, order adjustments, photographic evidence is available for review.

Completing the route

After servicing all of the customers for the day, your driver can review the daily report drawn up by the app, including total items sold, total costs, and so on. They can also review all EPoDs, before completing the route and logging off.
With no need to juggle paperwork throughout the day, and no need to hand in all of the reports at the offices, your driver has managed to streamline their day and they have removed the chance for manual error or lost paperwork, knowing that all of their activities have been logged by their app and sent back to the office.
These daily changes using our digital system don’t just impact your drivers’ workflow. They improve communication channels throughout the business, customers included, and the impact of a powerful mobile app is a smooth daily operation with improved visibility, efficiency, and greater quality of customer service.
If you’d like to speak with one of our team members about your operation, which areas you want to see improve, or you want to discuss your plans for growth and the potential for RouteMagic to help you achieve those goals, then you can contact us using the details below.
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