May 04 2021

Saving time & reducing admin with a cloud-based delivery system

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Having instant, easy access to all the information needed at any given time lets businesses take full control of the complete operation. The impacts of this can be felt immediately, but the real benefits of becoming more organised, punctual and responsive are felt in the long-term.
This article will look into the 3 different levels of improved organisation, from a customer, driver and office point-of-view, when switching from a mainly paper-based, manual delivery system to a digital one.

A more convenient customer experience

With instant access to all the information regarding an order; products, quantities, delivery window or specific time, specific discounts or promotions on items, your team can give definite answers whenever a customer has a query.
Even if the driver is out on the road, your team can keep customers informed. Customers receive text or email updates on their order, and they can review all of their orders on their own through a portal.
This clears up your teams schedules, lets your drivers focus on routes all while providing customers with brilliant service.
Customers can adjust their orders, even on the day of the delivery, and photographic evidence of the delivery ensures accountability is upheld whilst drivers can deliver more flexibly.

Quicker routes and more efficient drivers

Our app provides drivers with quick & simple point-of-delivery reporting - add any additional items or remove products from the existing order, record any returns, take forward orders, before reviewing the order and taking an e-signature. In just a few minutes, your driver has taken their pod and the records are accessible from the back-office, so your driver can continue without handling paperwork.
Bad weather or general wear of paper reports throughout the day often lead to unusable or damaged reports, creating more fuss for your teams and duplication of information. Cloud-based reporting removes this sometimes inevitable error, and keeps drivers focused on their tasks.
With digital route planning, drivers can reduce route times by up to 80%, whilst automatic order adjustments create no additional work for them.
Finally, customer records can be accessed on the handheld device, so drivers can maximise profits by promoting the right products to the right customers.

Organised & proactive office staff

With automations in place - reports getting sent back to the office, route planning becoming automatic and optimised, businesses using a digital order management system save huge amounts of time and administrative costs.
Along with this, there is no duplication of files, and no matter how far back you need to look for a report, the system makes it easily accessible quickly and easily.
Office staff can become more productive, focus less on driver communication or fire-fighting disruptions whilst becoming more responsive to issues along the road.
With a quick setup and short learning curve, your business can continue service with a new level of efficiency, reflecting directly on increasing profits and happier customers.
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