May 06 2019

How to choose a mobile computer system for your Van Sales and Direct Store Delivery Business?

Every van sales and delivery business owner want to reduce operational overheads and keep their customers happy at the same time. More and more business owners are moving towards digital solutions - these systems have a variety of names and can be known as Mobile workforce management Systems or Field Sales ; but for a Van sales & Delivery business you need to find a product that supports Route Accounting.

Route Accounting Systems provide you with all the tools needed to support the many facets of the typical Van sales & Delivery business and cover office and mobile tasks including invoicing, stock control and order processing as well mobile workforce management.Find out what features define the right mobile app for your van sales and wholesale delivery business:

User Friendly UI

Your van sales and delivery team should find the application easy to use. It should be easily navigable, simple and uncomplicated so each task can be finished by the van sales rep easily and quickly. Having millions of features that are hard to use and have users getting stuck across different tasks is unproductive and ultimately does not contribute to improvement of your business processes.

Full Offline Capabilities

In an ideal world, your field team will be always connected to your office team via internet but sadly, Mobile Data quality is very location dependent. Many times your field people will be servicing customers in areas with spotty or no internet connection and having an app that lets them perform all their required tasks in offline mode is a must. Such apps enable all transactions and features even in offline mode and sync up with the backend office system once connectivity is restored.

Automatic sync with the back end office system

Your van sales and delivery teams are busy people and they have a lot of tasks to complete in the field. If they are forced to manually update every transaction so that it can get pushed to the back office system, then such apps are grossly inefficient. Smart apps auto sync with their office system - as soon as a transaction goes through, it gets updated across your entire system. This office system and mobile app integration is two way and keeps all the information accurate and up to date in real time.

Price Management for Individual Customers

This is an essential feature that will save you money, time and effort. Route Accounting systems provide full price list and customer special pricing features that lets you customise prices for individual customers and ensures your field sales teams always invoice accurately. Many apps do not allow this flexibility and users are forced to maintain manual spreadsheets to keep track of any price customisation and thus creating hours of admin to check if invoices are correct.

One App With All the Functionalities

A limited mobile app - say one that only handles sales is less useful than an integrated app that provides all the functionalities required by the sales team on the field - Customer Information, Sales and Order, Delivery Management, Route Accounting and Price Management. One single app for all required functions enables seamless flow of information, keeps everything updated for all the teams to see - sales reps, office teams, route planners.

Platform Independency

If your mobile app is a native app, its is going to be easier to run and use and the app providers would give more flexibility - app will most likely be available for both android and ios. Compared to this, a browser based mobile app is less flexible.

Easy Customisation and Reconfiguration

Customisation is a very important feature as it enables your sales team to tailor unique customer experiences. It also allows you to manage and adjust business workflows as per your requirement to ensure maximum optimisation for your sales and delivery teams. This reconfiguration should be easy and quick to be done. You do not want your IT team to spend weeks trying to customise your system. A good solution is designed to be reconfigured easily.

For more information about our Delivery Management System, take a look at the features, or go to our resources page for a breakdown of RouteMagic.