July 17 2020

‘FIVE FACTORS’ - 5 top Benefits and Features of Handheld Delivery Apps for Van Sales Drivers

5 Top Benefits and Features of Handheld Delivery Apps for Van Sales Drivers

Van Sales Delivery Businesses rely on great communication, specific delivery times, quick deliveries and up-to-date stock control to work efficiently. Keeping customers and office staff informed while on the go helps to improve service and avoid disruptions.
Today, we broke down the 5 top features of Digital Delivery Systems for Van Sales Deliveries. Here’s what we’ve got:

1. A Mobile delivery app is connected at all times

Keeping everyone on the team connected at all times helps to:
Avoid errors with delivery information
Provides teams with a better understanding of route / delivery timing
Improves customer service as they can expect updates throughout the day
Delivery drivers can be tracked throughout the day, and each delivery can be noted along with...

2. Mobile invoicing & [Epods](https://routemagic.co.uk/routemagic/Electronic-POD)

When a driver makes a delivery, the mobile app can take electronic proof-of-deliveries, along with the generation of end-of-site reports and invoices which can be sent back to Offices in real-time. This benefits the entire Business as payments can be processed quicker.

3. Sales Order History and Suggested Orders

Electronically stored data means you can have access to this information whenever it is needed. For drivers, this means they can use the history records of previous orders from each customer, providing more personalised service. The Delivery App will also suggest relevant products for each customer, which leads to the next benefit:

4. Increased Up-selling Opportunities

Now a driver has this data for each customer, they can use the system to offer personalised products that a customer may need or be looking for. This massively improves the customer experience alongside increasing the chance of up-selling, which will directly impact profits for the Business on a larger scale.

5. Faster Delivery times & Specific ETA’s

These two benefits go hand-in-hand. The Delivery App will configure the fastest route from customer-to-customer, resulting in lower fuel costs and quicker service. The App can also calculate specific ETA’s, so customers know exactly when to expect a product. This is especially important currently, as Restaurants, shops and pubs need to prepare adequate safety measures for receiving orders to keep in line with Government guidelines.
All in all, handheld delivery applications help van drivers work quicker, smarter and with less hassle due to their paperless capabilities. For your Business, this means saving administrative costs, the safety of cloud-based and stored data and more time to focus efforts on growth.
If you’d like to find out more about our own Handheld Delivery app, you can read our article, breaking down our own application for van drivers.
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