November 30 2020

The Immediate benefits of using an EPoD System

The upfront costs of an Electronic PoD software can seem daunting for Wholesalers & Van Sales Businesses. The immediate benefits can often be overlooked and it may seem easier to continue with a paper-based system.
But with a short learning curve and quick implementation, here are some of the benefits that RouteMagic offer distributors looking to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve profits from day one:

1. Reduced manual error

With automatic stock and cost adjustments and easily made returns using the handheld app, drivers using RouteMagic can eliminate the chance of manual error.
RouteMagic will automatically calculate costs, so both your drivers and customers can agree on the total before taking an e-signature to complete the delivery.
Improve accountability and reduce disputes - Contactless deliveries are also made possible, and the handheld app will inform the driver of the precise location to drop off if the customer is not present.

2. Live Route Data

Our handheld app works with the office system, providing real-time delivery reports and updates throughout the day. With both online and offline functionality, drivers can service remote customers knowing that once connection is resumed, all the reports will be sent straight back to the office.
This improves responsiveness to any issues along the route, eliminating the need for paperwork whilst offering seamless communications between drivers, customers and office staff.

3. Improving the accuracy of ETA's

RouteMagic calculates the delivery times to customer specific SLA’s, you can promise deliveries will consistently be made on time, improving reliability.
Automatic Geo-Fencing alerts can be set up to ensure that back-office people are automatically notified when a driver enters or leaves a particular location.
You can also skip deliveries temporarily to keep to your schedule, and then return to the customer at a more convenient time. This added flexibility lets your driver work around each customer's schedule while sticking to their own.
For our full list of features, click here.

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