October 12 2020

‘In the loop’ - How can Baked Goods Distributors benefit from a Digital Delivery Solution?

Planning, scheduling and executing orders as efficiently as possible is no doubt a critical part of keeping customers happy and expanding your operation as quickly as possible. Digital technologies can now work alongside your team to promise positive benefits, whether that be your sales team working to provide more personalised service, your planning team reducing the chance of error and processing orders quicker, or the organising of your finances, invoices for customers and the improving visibility you have over your business, sales and profits.
This article dives into a few of the ways digital delivery solutions provide a helping hand in every aspect of the business - streamlining your entire operation, bringing short and long-term benefits to help you grow productively.

Call Scheduling

Route Planning Systems will take all of the information regarding an order, and ensure each customer’s requirements, such as delivery points and SLA’s are stuck to, and taking into account when planning delivery sequences. Using digital safeguards to make sure deliveries always meet requirements helps to quickly build customer confidence and loyalty, which only reflects back on your business through confirmed sales and improving customer relationships for the future.

Processing Orders

Nowadays, Systems automatically processes orders through the stages of creation, picking, packing, and loading onto your vans, giving you real-time updates once each stage has been completed, so you can improve responsiveness to any issues while getting updates for each order with just a glance at the screen.

Stock Management

From re-order alerts making sure you optimize stock control and never miss deliveries due to insufficient stock, to dynamic inventory management, you can ensure your customers always receive the baked goods they need, whether that’s through a routine order or a van sale.

Handheld delivery apps for Drivers

Drivers use their phones to make deliveries, capturing any shortages. All data entered on the app is immediately visible to head office. Drivers can get proof of delivery either with signature capture or by taking a photo of the goods in situ. Either way, a proof of delivery document is emailed to the customer, showing exactly what was delivered.
Drivers can take forward orders there and then when servicing customers, and the information will be captured in the office in real-time. This means the daily operation is not slowed down by making paper records and future planning is eased by our digital filing system.

Customer convenience

Customers can create, manage and oversee the progress of orders through our Client Portal, reducing the need for telephone support which can slow down office staff and distract them from their primary tasks for the day - This promises your customers access to all the accurate information regarding orders happening that day or in the coming days.
For more information about how our System has been developed for Bakeries and Baked Goods Distributors, go to our Bakery sector page here.
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