March 13 2020

Product and Price Management - Reducing Complexity to Simplicity

Turning to automations for managing complicated processes which are manual-error prone saves you time chasing up & accounting for stock issues, whilst giving you the ability of expanding your product lines as you grow, without the need to increase the hours spent accomodating for complicated, customer-specific pricing or product information. Below are the 3 key components to superior stock management that an integrated System can offer:

Manage Stock levels & track items

Say you have certain items which are slow moving - Apply discounts or promotions to encourage their sales, and work around stock fluctuations to ensure your predictions for stock movements are met. You can apply and track rental costs for deposit items such as crates or containers, too.

Our easy-to-implement discounts for each customer, and each driver allows you to have immense stock control.

Items can be packed individually, or packages can be added and items can be packed in them. Multiple packages/ per order is supported.

Product Database & Pricing

Record each item with its measurement, Barcode type, picture and default selling price easily visible on one page. Also, you can have a record of your internal standard costs, making profitability of each item, discounted or not, clear & observable.

Our System can manage complex pricing, organising distinct prices for each customer and each product.

Leveraging 'Pricelists', you can apply promotions across all products to all/sub-sets of customers in less than 5 minutes.

Driver Empowerment

Let your long-term drivers implement discounts, for which you can enforce a maximum % of price deduction to ensure you still stay in control of profitability. Empower Van Sales reps to take initiative & exceed customer requirements.

The driver can even amend the quantity and price of the product during delivery if you wish to allow this, and all changes flow seamlessly to back-office.

Drivers can manually load extra stocks which they expect customers may need, building better relationships whilst all stocks are automated & accounted for.