July 14 2020

The Alternative Delivery System for Restaurants: No more high commissions and tight margins

It’s no surprise to restaurants everywhere that Deliveroo, UBER, Just Eat and other Delivery Companies have had an enormous impact on Restaurants and their profitability.
Talk about UBER and Deliveroo has been negative in the Restaurant Industry for years now, and the worries and frustrations surrounding the ever-tightening margins is on-going.
We spoke to a number of restaurant owners and workers about their attitudes towards these Delivery Companies. Here are some of the thoughts they had:

“Ubereats and Deliveroo system is needlessly complicated from pricing and logistics standpoint.”

“Make a platform and let the restaurants choose their own pricing, delivery, customer service and menu options” which would mean “restaurant owners have the flexibility to adjust it (the platform) to their likings and get exposure to the appropriate target audience.”

PBS released a video focusing on how the critical situation that restaurant owners relying these delivery companies are, and what the future looks like under the control of these delivery companies.

Embedded content: https://www.pbs.org/video/eating-costs-1593117896/

Change is necessary, and restaurants need to rethink deliveries to avoid irreparable damage.

In this article, we will elaborate on the issues with Deliveroo & UBER, while explaining how our System is the better alternative for restaurants looking to take back control over their services and Business.

With increased orders for Restaurants when using UBER or Deliveroo, it gives the illusion that business is improving, but the reality is far from that.
With commissions taken by these companies hitting as much as 30%, the already narrow profit margins for restaurants has been cut razor-thin, and restaurants are in a dire situation with little room for change. COVID-19 closures have meant consumers have been far more reliant on these delivery services, and therefore the situation has gotten even worsen for the Industry.
Services such as Deliveroo may have once seemed attractive to restaurants who don’t have a mobile workforce or a delivery system of their own, but even Cities are beginning to implement limits on how much commission these Companies can take, and restaurants are in a constant struggle for profitability and survival.

RouteMagic: The Alternative Option for Restaurants

RouteMagic is our innovative Delivery Solution. We hand it over to you, and your Restaurant can adopt and run its own Delivery Service, curving commissions and taking all profits for yourself while becoming empowered through the entire delivery process.
Delivery Systems are not rocket science, and it is easier than ever for restaurants to set up or optimise their own delivery service at affordable rates.

How will it work?

We provide you with the technology, and you can cut out costly commissions taken by third-parties, meaning there are no hidden costs and you have control over your profits and your business (you don’t have to comply to third-party pricing, discounts and promotions).
Our System can integrate with order management and kitchen systems your restaurant already has in place, so they continue to work to their convenience. The result is a far cheaper option that widens margins for your restaurant and lets you regain power for your business.

Benefits for your Business:

- Manage the ordering process and improve the flow from order creation to delivery.
- Allocate orders intuitively, meaning orders from close areas will all be automatically given to each driver. This means customers receive their orders quickly and the workflow for your mobile workforce is improved.
- Connects you with your suppliers, allowing you to place orders and replenish stocks (the System will even notify you when certain items need replenishing).
- If you are part of a franchise, the System can provide full franchise management.
- If drivers are shared between restaurants in the area, our System can accommodate for this and we can set up regulations that ensure orders are allocated accordingly.
- You can change the algorithms to your needs - so if you have particular drivers for certain areas, you can enforce this easily with our drag-and-drop system.

Benefits for your Drivers

- Use Google Maps Integrations to optimize routes, getting drivers to customers using the quickest routes, taking into account live traffic conditions.
- Let your drivers take a POD once a delivery is completed, improving the chain of accountability.
- The app is easy-to-use, and drivers can take payments on the spot and have them recalled in your restaurant immediately
- Make deliveries faster and save on fuel costs

Benefits for you/your back-office staff

- RouteMagic provides a live monitor on all your drivers, hence you know exactly where they are and can your staff can respond to customer queries better.
- You have a detailed and granular history of all the orders in the past, which you can slice and dice using RouteMagic to get deeper insights into your business.

Benefits for your Customers:

- Driver-tracking and specifics ETA’s - so you and your customers know exactly where the delivery is and how long it will take.
- Customers can use order numbers on your website to track their orders.
- Customers will receive text updates on their order for a convenient experience.
Without the need to rely on UBER, Deliveroo or any other Delivery Company, your restaurant can maximise profit margins, become self-sufficient and empowered, while continuing to expand your customer base through your own smart and easy Delivery System. Cutting out high commissions and employing your own drivers means everyone can benefit from the growth of the business and customer expectations are met with an equally convenient delivery experience.

To summarize: RouteMagic provides all the capability of typical delivery service providers at fraction of a cost and more importantly, it gives you back control over your business, in YOUR hands.

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