October 29 2020

Addressing common pain-points in the Distribution Industry

Whether you’re involved in the distribution of goods as a Wholesale/DSD or Van Sales business, there are common pain-points felt throughout the industry which slow your potential to grow & improve levels of productivity.

One of these pain-points is the adoption of an incompetent system that is not complete and requires you to outsource more services to keep you running smoothly as you expand. Another is spending a lot of time organising routes and deliveries effectively for the coming days or weeks, resulting in slower delivery times than you would hope for.

Perhaps the system you use requires a lot of manual effort, while your data still lags behind real-time, and is highly prone to error and can leave you disorganised in terms of budgeting.

Using paper systems to take proof-of-deliveries and reports when on site also slows your work-rate, and in the current climate, provides added risk as appropriate social distancing becomes more difficult.

Whether it’s the time spent organising paper reports, organising routes or keeping track of delivery status’, these pain-points can seem to have minimal impact on a daily basis, but in the long run, each has the capacity to inhibit your productivity and growth enormously.

Looking Forward

Fortunately, emerging technologies carefully consider these inhibitors. Now, you can remove stress from your workers’ schedules which have been brought on by using inadequate systems, and improve relationships with customers, all whilst organising future routes and schedules with better oversight.

Here are 2 steps to make if you want to cut out unnecessary issues and expand quicker -

Adopting an End-to-End System

Integrating a System that can save you the time of manually processing all stages of ordering, route organisation, and report processing will also save you a huge amount of capital.

Inventory management is a huge point for issues and disruptions - Our Software holds extensive data for each product, allows you to organise them easily, apply customer specific discounts as well as keep track of the stock levels across all inventories, whether the products are out on the road, or in a remote warehouse. These updates occur in real-time so you can plan orders and organise with up-to-date data.

You can cut down on costs employing additional administrative staff, as well as granting your Office staff more time to tend to customer service tasks. This helps you save money whilst improving relationships with existing customers, improving loyalty.

Through integrated handheld devices used by drivers, and a back-office System - Our Software simplifies day-to-day processes, from order creation to loading the vans and tracking their progress. You can plan & organise multiple routes at once, on one screen on the Office ERP, so errors are easily identifiable.

The System recalls all vehicle inspections, Proof-of-deliveries and end-of-day reports in real-time, as well as giving your Offices the ability to track each Van as they proceed through the day.

This clear sight of each day combined with immediate data recalling means you can stay organised and respond to any delays or disruptions as they occur.

Furthermore, we offer a subscription-based payment model, which means you can manage your budget alongside working closely with our team to personalise the software to your particular needs, regardless of whether you’re focus is wholesale, van sales or both. As you grow, we help you to incorporate different features you may need to accommodate this expansion.

Prioritise your Customers

As we move forward, customers have an increasingly easier time finding better and better services from a growing number of competitors. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, providing them with informed answers to their questions and ensuring delivery times are met are all the key pillars to maintaining solid relationships and continuing to expand the business.

Providing better service means you can maintain long-term relationships and avoid losses through the increasing presence of e-commerce.

Our System can let you provide more personalised service to each customer. You can use technologies to take note of customer sales records and let the Software recommend relevant products to maximise Van Sales opportunities. The customer receives the products they want, driving profits at the same time.

By having all of the customer information stored clearly on the Back-Office System, and immediate updates from your drivers, you can always keep the customer in the loop.