October 02 2020

'Five Factors' - 5 ways Wholesalers have adapted during the Pandemic

‘FIVE FACTORS’ - 5 ways Wholesalers have adapted during the Pandemic

1. Direct-to-consumer

With usual customers closing down temporarily, wholesalers have had to look towards helping rural communities, individuals and new customers to continue the flow of goods.

Online Ordering Systems

Along with customers closing down, finding more convenient ways for new customers to get their orders in has resulted in a switch to online/digital ordering systems. This has proven a successful way to also improve brand awareness and online presence.

Contactless Deliveries

To comply with safety regulations, contactless deliveries have become a necessity for wholesalers - Keeping both workers and customers safe has become a priority for businesses navigating this tricky situation.

Staff Fluctuations

Dealing with sick workers, and fluctuating workforces is another massive impact for wholesalers - With the right management systems, distributors have been able to manage and distribute orders amongst their limited teams effectively, maintain productivity while continuing to satisfy orders.

Finding new customers

Whether new customers are found through van sales deliveries or an expanding online presence, wholesalers have managed to continue their services as closely to normal as possible, through finding new routes to market with the assistance of new technologies.
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