September 04 2020

'FIVE FACTORS' - 5 ways our delivery system helps you track drivers

This week's 'FIVE FACTORS' focuses on 5 ways our delivery management system helps you and your customers access live data from your delivery drivers, including their location, their route and specific ETA's.

1. Geo-fencing alerts

Setting up geo-fencing alerts means your customers will be made aware, through an SMS text or email, when their driver is within a 1km radius of the delivery point.

2. Google maps live data

Our system is equipped with Google Maps integrations, giving you the view of each driver on their route in real-time, from the office. You can also see all the delivery points they need to make, and the path they are taking.

__3. Delivery updates __

As soon as a delivery is made, your office teams are made aware through using the route monitor. This update is immediate and you will also have access to all the delivery records, including PoD, photographic evidence of delivery, the site reports and any additional information. This is perfect for keeping files and records organised efficiently.

4. Specific ETA's

ETA's that are accurate and stuck to are essential for keeping plans on course and they help you make decisions using reliable information. Our system calculates specific ETA's for both you and your customers to benefit from.

5. Client Portal

Our client portal gives your customers all the information they need regarding each order they place, including allowing them to place new orders. They can review and make amendments to orders as well as view any updates for current orders (from knowing the order is packed and loaded, to driver locations).
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